7+1 is the 3rd chapter of the Servamp manga series.


Who is Coming

Tsubaki introduces himself as the 8th Servamp.

The chapter begins with Tsubaki asking Kuro if they should start a war. Mahiru asks who he is and Kuro says that he has the wrong guy. Tsubaki says it's cruel that Kuro doesn't know him and that none of the Servamp siblings know him.

Tsubaki starts explaining that there are not seven Servamps, there are actually eight. He introduces himself as number eight, the Servamp of Melancholy. His name is Who is Coming and he is the youngest. Kuro says he still does not know him.

Tsubaki then turns into a fox and asks Mahiru if he has met the other Servamps, like the butterfly or the snake.

Mahiru questions Tsubaki as to why he would attack his own sibling. He also asks why he would start a war and if he started all the vampire rumors. Finally, Mahiru asks Tsubaki if he is killing people. Tsubaki asks if it matters and states that humans annoy him. Mahiru becomes very angry and asks Tsubaki what he is after and tells him to leave innocent people alone.

Kuro declining blood

Kuro declining blood.

Tsubaki says that's not fun and begins to attack, bringing down Kuro and laughing. Tsubaki taunts Mahiru and continues to fight Kuro. Kuro says his head hurts and Mahiru tells him to drink his blood to help him fight. Kuro declines.

Mahiru then wonders who Tsubaki's master is as Tsubaki talks about a war of vampire vs vampire. He calls his seven siblings and says he will kill them all. Mahiru asks why Tsubaki kills people. Tsubaki says because it is fun. He tells Mahiru he will even kill innocent people, as long as it is fun because he is depressed. He says that nobody in the whole world understands how he feels.

Toru and Mahiru

Mahiru crying in his Uncle's arms.

Tsubaki saying this reminds Mahiru of a time shortly after his mother's death when he was a child. A time when young Mahiru goes back to school after her death. In school Koyuki and Ryusei try to comfort him by telling him that they are there for him and asking if he wants to play soccer with them. Mahiru declines saying that he has to get home.

When Mahiru gets home he drops to the floor and cries. His uncle walks in and pulls him into a hug. His uncle tells Mahiru that right now he is too sad, but he must feel those sad feelings. That Mahiru can give them a name if he wants, and someday life will seem brighter and he will feel better, but only if he feels the sadness now.

Back to the present fight, Mahiru, who is in Tsubaki's grasp, tells Tsubaki that he is bored because he does not feel his feelings and does not know himself. Tsubaki lets Mahiru go and starts laughing again. Mahiru says that he will give Tsubaki a name, make him drink his blood, and make him listen to him.

Then, Mahiru charges at Tsubaki, who is ready to kill him. Kuro calls out for Mahiru to stop and that he will die first. Mahiru and Kuro suddenly disappear, leaving Tsubaki and the doll vampire alone. Tsubaki tells the vampire that it doesn't matter; he already declared war on them. The two decide to get sushi. Tsubaki then asks someone he calls Sensei if his name is Tsubaki.

Mahiru and Kuro after getting saved

Mahiru and Kuro after getting saved.

In another location, Mahiru and Kuro have landed on top of each other and are confused as to how they got there. They deduce that they are behind the station and that they were saved. Kuro tells Mahiru that he saw butterflies fly by and that they were probably saved by All of Love. Kuro says that he sensed him and that he is an illusionist. Mahiru is excited to hear that they have an ally.

Mahiru says that they two of them can't stop Tsubaki alone, so that they should find more Servamps, starting with All of Love. Mahiru says they need an address for All of Love. A sheet of paper then flies by with the address "Alice-in-the-Garden" on it.

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