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All of Love is mostly referred to as Lily or Snow Lily - the name he was given by his Eve, Misono Alicein. He is the fourth of the eight Servamps and loves to strip no matter where he is or who's around. He takes in orphans and has a room for them in the Alicein mansion.


When not in his butterfly form Snow Lily more often referred to as just Lily has blonde hair that reaches a few inches above his shoulders alike all vampires in the series red eyes,in his ears he wears a single upside down heart earrings as for his clothing he wears a mostly unbuttoned pink shirt under a black jacket with a red lining,over his shoulders appears to be a long white scarf, His pants are black with the top of them left unbuttoned, his shoes are black as well.

Lily wears his and Misono's contract symbol a pocket watch around his neck. When in his butterfly form his small insect body is black with a section of. Pink on his wings

In the past his attire consisted of a pink buttoned up striped shirt tucked into a black pair of pants that where held up by a belt with a silver buckle around his neck he woar a white scarf like item with a red gem that had a gold border & a long black jack that reaches his ankels. His hair was longer and pulled over his shoulder held in place by a thin ribbon tied into a bow


2016-09-03 1750d

Young All of Love.

Not much is known about his past yet, but when Misono saw fragments of his memories, it's strongly implied that Lily used to be a human. When he was young, he didn't wish to live any longer, but was then turned into a vampire by the creator of Servamps. He viewed his change into a vampire as a punishment, questioning his creator why he did so.

Hundreds of years later, the Servamps received request from C3 that asked them to kill their own creator. Viewing his creator as being too dangerous, Lily voted for accepting the request, together with Old Child and Doubt Doubt. After Kuro had done the request, Lily commented that this was the best thing to do.

For generations, he served the Alicein household, but it's not known when he entered exactly. He is allowed to take in orphans if he protects the "young masters". Once he met with his older brother Doubt Doubt, and asked if he was allowed to live with them. Since that day, Doubt Doubt lived with the Aliceins, but had no contractor until Mikuni Alicein's mother formed a pact with him.

Young Misono and Lily ch 19

Lily formed contract with Misono.

He was the servamp of Mikage Alicein - Misono's grandfather. And when Mikado's wife was killed by Mikuni and Doubt Doubt, Mikado ordered Lily to make Misono forget about all that had happened. Lily did as he was told and whenever Misono was about to walk in the direction of the east wing of the mansion, Lily would make him sleep or forget where he wanted to go. After Mikage's death Lily was given to Misono (skipping Mikado Alicein). From Misono he got the nickname "Snow Lily" and Mikage's old pocket watch as his contract item.


Lily appears for the first time when Mahiru is in trouble. He saves Kuro and Mahiru from Belkia using his magic. He also leaves them a message to contact him.

The next time Lily is seen when Mahiru visits Misono's at home. There, he introduces himself and wants to strip, but Misono stops him.

Later, Lily is part of the training team for Mahiru that Mikuni leads. He is not a fighter, but he uses his magic to make the "battlefield" invincible for others.

One day, when Misono is hurt after a battle, Mikado forbids him from leaving the mansion. Misono does as Mikado says and Lily erases his memories of his friends coming to the mansion and even Mahiru phoning Misono.

When Otogiri manages to get inside the mansion and pretends to be one of the servants, Lily is tricked. A puppet of Lily leads Misono to the truth of what happened - that Mahiru was at the mansion and that Lily always manipulates his mind. Misono gets mad at Lily and leaves the room. The real Lily is shocked and wants to follow him, but unfortunately he is attacked by puppet Lily, who is controlled by Otogiri herself.

The other servants of the mansion come to rescue Lily and attack Otogiri. Lily is able to flee and follows Misono. When he finally meets him in the garden, Misono is still mad at him and sends him away - showing his disappointment of Lily's betrayal.

After Misono said "Leave me alone!", Puppet Lily stabs Lily from the back and destroys his pocket watch - which is the symbol of Misono and Lily's contract. Doing so - his contract with Misono is broken and he loses all of his Jin - meaning he is defeated (not killed).

Lily breaks down and when he awakens again, he seems different. He doesn't want to strip anymore and feels utterly weak.

But Lily still doesn't want to give up fighting Tsubaki. So he and Misono still meet with the others. (Misono was able to convince his father that he is not a child anymore and is allowed to leave the mansion again).

Later they have to rescue Licht Jekylland Todoroki and his Servamp Lawless. Therefore, they have to infiltrate Tsubaki's HQ. Lily helps Misono climb the stairs by carrying him. When Tetsu fights Tsubaki's subclass - Lily is not able to help him and can't prevent his brother, Old Child, from being defeated.

After C3 shows up and scares Tsubaki away, he and Misono are brought to the C3 HQ where Lily doesn't feel well. Misono states that Lily is getting smaller as his condition worsens.



  • Like the other Servamps Lily is capable of swapping between his human form and an animal form, and will revert to the animal form when exposed to sunlight. His animal form is a black and pink butterfly, he is capable of speech in this form.


  • Lily is capable of generating a large scythe in combat, he uses this along with Misono's lead to perform the "Execution Block of the Red Queen".


  • Strength: 5/10
  • Tactics: 7/10
  • Cooperativeness: 9/10
  • Mental: 5/10
  • Appearance: 10/10
  • Sex Appeal: 10/10


Lily is a cheerful and caring person. Although he was never good at fighting, he always wants to protect those dear to him. After Misono's mother was killed by his jealous stepmother, and later his stepmother died because she wanted to kill Misono, Lily feared, that if Misono found out the truth, he would hate himself for being born and he would hate lust, the lust that led his father to make love to another women.

In the end he feared that Misono would reject him because he is the Servamp of lust.


  • "Hello, there! Wanna see my boobies?" (Chapter 4)
  • "I'm Snow Lily. 'Lily' for short." (Chapter 4)
  • "These kiddies are my servants! You've met Yuri and Mary. Vampires every one!" (Chapter 4, to Mahiru)
  • "Mahiru-kun is so damn plucky! Huh, Kuro?" (Chapter 5)
  • "I'm not a pervert..." (Chapter 7, to Berukia)
  • "They never change. Still pushy as ever. Takes me back." (Chapter 10, to Kuro about C3)


  • He fears spiders and his older sister, The Mother.
  • His contract item is Mikage's old pocket watch given to him by Misono.
  • He's the only Servamp who turns into an insect.
  • He loves to eat macarons and drinks coffee rather than tea.
  • His favorite colors are pink and white.
  • In the English version of the manga he is falsely referred to as "she", but Lily identifies as a male.
  • In the first popularity poll he came ninth with 1470 votes.
  • His star-sign is Pisces.
  • His favorite drink is Café au lait.
  • His hobby is watching movies (romance movies in particular).
  • He also smokes.