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Cappucino (カプチーノ Kapuchiino) is one of the subordinates of Niccolo Carpediem in the Carpediem mafia family.


Cappuccino has short, messy, lightly colored hair and seems to be a young man of above average height, appearing to be roughly the same height as World End who is 5'11". Like the rest of Niccolo's subordinates he wears a traditional black suit with a white dress shirt, though his is more unkempt then the others, opting to have no tie and leave his top button undone.

One of his most distinctive features is the fact he has what looks like a tattoo of his name on his left cheek. He also has relatively obvious dark bags under his eyes.


Based on his prominence compared to the other subordinates in the family, and the fact he was one of the subordinates chosen by Niccolo to join him and Ildio for the discussion with the other Eves and vampires, it is implied that he is one of Nico's more trusted underlings and may be of a higher standing then some of the others.


Weapon and Abilities

Like the other members of the Carpediem family, Cappuccino carries a black hand-gun as his primary weapon, though we currently don't know how good he is with the weapon.



  • Based on how he holds his gun he appears to be right-handed.
  • So far, he and Tiramisu, are the only named subordinates of Niccolo and both have Italian food themed names.


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