C3 ( シー・三 Shii・Surii) is an organization that seems to be spread all over the world. According to themselves, they are a neutral organization that upholds the coexistence between humans and vampires.

According to the vampires, it's not clear if they really do so. Following the story, they give you the impression they are more like an anti-vampire organization, but that also hasn't been proven.


Nothing is known about the foundation of this organization.

Some years in the past, they ordered the Servamps to kill the person that created them. (The Servamps decided to vote whether they do it or not, but finally did it).

Also an unknown time prior to the storyline - the eighth Servamp Tsubaki was at C3 - according to C3 he belonged to them. It is not revealed yet what he was doing at C3 - but probably they used him for researching Servamps.

Later he escaped the facility.

Also - Syuhei Tsuyuki's father who had taken care of Tsurugi Kamiya - died during a vampire incident.

During the storyline, Tsubaki bombed some of the important places of C3 including Mahiru Shirota's school. That led to a financial downbreak of C3 - but still it seems Toma has enough money to make Tsurugi do everything for him.

Goals of the organization

  • Keeping the coexistence of humans and vampire balanced (what also means keeping the Jin at a low level).
  • Pursuing Tsubaki and killing his subclass.
  • They punish vampires that commit crimes - depending on what crime it was, they are held captured or destroyed.
  • It seems, they can also order Servamps for some missions.
  • In chapter 39 Tsurugi explains that C3 does not only research Djinn, but also stockpile them.


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