Here you can find the Eves, that appear in SERVAMP.

About Eves

An Eve (主人 Ivu) is the "master" of a Servamp. They are the one who gives the Servamp a name and also gives them a personal present. After that is done, the Servamp is bound to their Eve and can't separate too far from them. If they are separated for six hours, the Eve will begin to experience abnormalities on their bodies such as numb limbs, palpitation, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, headaches, stomach-aches, dry eyes, and dry skin. If they are separated for 24 hours, an anomaly is created and the Eve eventually dies

The Servamp is allowed only to drink their Eve's blood and after they do this they can participate in a battle where the Eve controls their Servamps. After drinking the Eve's blood, the eves and Servamps are bound by a chain connecting them. Eves can also use a special weapon called Lead to fight with the Servamp.


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