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SERVAMP is a manga series by Strike Tanaka that is published in Comic GENE. The chapters are released monthly and are still first presented in the Comic GENE. The first four chapters in Comic GENE differ (in some texts and pictures) from those printed in the manga. For example, we could see Jejes face in the original version but it cannot be seen in the manga. We also got hints about Tsubaki that were not shown in the manga. Some of the later chapters also feature major differences between the version first serialised in Comic GENE compared to the version in the volume: including shuffling the order of certain chapters, redrawing of several panels, and moving scenes around both within and between chapters.

It's not a classic vampire story, its genres are: comedy, shojo and mystery. In Japan there are 16 volumes now - and still continuing. The English series has 14 volumes by now, with the fifteenth to be released soon, and the German translation will have 8 volumes as of march 2016.

SERVAMP is serialized in KADOKAWA Media Factory's shojo magazine since 2011. In March 2015, Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the series in North America.[1]


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