Character CD Vol.1: Mahiru & Kuro (キャラクターCD「SERVAMP-サーヴァンプ-」Vol.1:真昼&クロ Kyarakutā CD Sāvanpu Vol. 1: Mahiru & Kuro) is a 2015 soundtrack CD. The CD was released on June 24, 2015 and was published by Frontier Works and Kadokawa Media Factory. The CD contains 4 music tracks and 1 mini-drama story.

Track List

  1. Crossing World
  2. Crossing World: Mahiru solo Ver. (Crossing World: 真昼ソロVer. Crossing World: Mahiru soro Ver.)
  3. Crossing World: Kuro solo Ver. (Crossing World: クロソロVer. Crossing World: Kuro soro Ver.)
  4. Original Drama (Mahiru & Kuro Ver) (オリジナルドラマ 真昼&クロVer Orijinaru Dorama Mahiru & Kuro Ver.)
  5. Crossing World (instrumental)
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