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Eisuke Dodo (洞堂永介) more commonly known as Dodo is one of the Alicein household's workers, more specifically he is the driver of Misono Alicein.


Dodo is a man who has blue hair and dark eyes. He has distinctive and somewhat droopy lower eyelashes. Dodo wears a black suit with a white undershirt and blue tie. He wears gloves, likely due to driving. Dodo carries his car keys with him.


Dodo sounds rather laid-back, and his way of speaking was informal. He is pictured rather perverted, proven as he said that he likes bigger girls to Mitsuki. Dodo is shown to be obedient and devoted to Lily and Misono


Not much is known about Dodo's past. He states that he and Mitsuki used to be orphans and that Lily saved them. He was raised in the Alicein Manor.


When Misono is injured fighting Sakuya, Dodo is called and arrives at the scene. He gets out of his car, with Yuri and Mary, and is out of breath. He asks where Misono is and if he is dead. They decide to take Misono to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Dodo says it is a shock because he never hears from "him".

Later, when Misono is being kept in the Manor by his father, Dodo encounters Mahiru, Kuro, Tetsu, and Hugh. Dodo stands at the front gate, with Yuri by his side, denying Mahiru access to see Misono. Dodo claims that Misono is busy and slightly sick. Mahiru accuses Dodo of lying.

Yuri asks Dodo why they can't see Misono and Dodo then introduces himself to the others. Dodo gives Mahiru and Tetsu his card. On the back of the card reads "You need to try harder."

Tetsu then slams his coffin into the gate and tells Dodo to let Misono out or he will dig for hot springs there. Dodo opens the gate and leads the others inside, apologizing.

When Mahiru tries to convince Mikado to let them see Misono, Mikado tells them to leave. They resist, so Mikado orders Dodo to attack Tetsu, throwing him across the room and breaking the wall. Dodo gulps and repeats that he told them they can't see Misono.

Dodo later finds Tetsu and runs to him with a first-aid kit. He says there is a lot of blood an apologizes to Tetsu, stating he had to fight because Mikado is his boss and pays him.

Mitsuki and Dodo

Dodo and Mitsuki arguing.

In the dining room a morning soon after, Dodo teases Mitsuki, telling her to admit to watching an idol show she taped. He says he heard giggling coming from her room and they two begin to argue.

Mitsuki hitting Dodo

Mitsuki hitting Dodo.

Later, Misono sees the two arguing again from a distance. He witnesses Mitsuki chastising Dodo while holding a book and then slapping him. Misono arrives moments later, after Mitsuki has left the scene, and asks what happened. Dodo sits on the floor holding his bruised face. He tells Misono that Mitsuki got angry with him for leaving a swimsuit magazine in the car. Lily then joins him in looking at the magazine and Dodo states he likes bigger girls.

Dodo tells Misono that Yamane made tea right before his phone vibrates. He answers, asking who the caller is. Misono asks who called and Dodo is reluctant to answer. He finally yells Misono it is Mahiru.

When Dodo, Yamane, Mitsuki, and Lily are gathered speaking about Misono, Dodo states that Misono will find out the truth some day.

Dodo getting stabbed

Dodo getting stabbed.

Once Otogiri reveals herself, she decides to bind her opponents together. She takes control of Dodo and forces him to attack Mitsuki. He restricts her and holds a knife to her throat. He ends up groping Mitsuki and apologizes, stating that Otogiri is controlling him and at least Mitsuki is small. Dodo is then stabbed by the faux Lily.

After these events, Dodo, along with Lily, Misono, and the lust subclass, become very sick.

Later, Dodo, Yamane, and Hattori eavesdrop on Mahiru and Mikado having a conversation. Mahiru asks Dodo if he is feeling better. Dodo says he is, but Mitsuki is still upset, as well as Mikado. Dodo then asks how Mikuni is doing. Dodo tells Mahiru that Mikuni's name is forbidden, but he is still family. Dodo tells Mahiru that Mikuni was always a brat and sounds like he hasn't changed. He also asks if he is eating well. Dodo is relieved to hear that Mikuni is doing well.

Dodo tells Mahiru that many people who live in the manor were orphans, like he and Mitsuki. He says that Lily saved all the children he could and raised them. He states that he and Mitsuki grew up there, but they still do not know much about Lily.


  • "A king in his see him's a rare treat." (Chapter 17, about Mikado)
  • "I said...he can't see you." (Chapter 18)
  • "Misono will find out...someday..." (Chapter 19)



  • Strength: 5/10
  • Tactics: 3/10
  • Cooperativeness: 4/10
  • Mental: 5/10
  • Appearance: 5/10
  • Driving: 10/10


  • In the first popularity poll he came thirteenth with 180 votes.
  • His star-sign is Gemini.
  • His favorite food is cookies baked by Yamane-san (the head maid).
  • He dislikes rainy days.
  • His hobbies are admiring gravure models and car maintenance.


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