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Mahiru and Kuro is the first episode of the SERVAMP anime.


Mahiru is a boy who loves simple things and hates troublesome things. He decides to take a black kitty home, but soon finds out that his new pet Kuro may be one of the most troublesome things of all.


The plot of the first episode sticks pretty much to the manga's plot.

Young Mahiru Shirota picks up a black cat, names it Kuro and takes it home. Later at school, Mahiru takes on severel tasks for the school festival as no one else would volunteer. Mahiru is with his friends Ryusei, Koyuki and Sakuya.

On the way home from school, Sakuya tells Mahiru, Ryusei and Koyuki scary vampire stories - a vampire would go out and suck blood lately. Of course no one wants to believe him.

When Mahiru arrives at home, he is shocked seeing a strange person watching TV and eating chips and ramen. When he goes to attack the stranger he soon gets to know that this person is the cat he picked up earlier and - a vampire: the Servamp of Sloth.

The vampire tells Mahiru that everything is fine if he won't call him by his name in that (human) form. Mahiru seems puzzled - he states, that he doesn't know his name and just named him Kuro. With that said, the contract is formed. Kuro seems very stressed.

In the afternoon, Mahiru is in town with Ryusei and Koyuki (having Kuro with him too). A strange magician crosses their way and wants them to watch his show. Ryusei is not interested at all, so that person gets angry and turns out to be a vampire, named Berkia.

Berkia bites Ryusei on the neck and he goes unconscious. Mahiru wants to save his friend, but Kuro wants to run away. But as Mahiru is Kuro's Eve, Kuro has to obey Mahiru's orders. To get stronger Mahiru lets Kuro drink his blood (the contract is now completed) and attacks Berkia.

When Kuro is about to kill Berkia, Mahiru stops him. Berkia turns into a puppet form.

When Mahiru picks up the Berkia doll, he tells them a war is about to start, and that war is led by a man called Tsubaki who is angry because none of this siblings know him. The episode ends with both Mahiru and Kuro falling unconscious while Tsubaki watches over the street while laughing.

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