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Season 01, Episode 10
Episode Information
Kanji ロウレス
Rōmaji Rauresu
Air date September 6, 2016
Staff Information
Written by Konuta Takeshi
Directed by Toshimitsu Kobayashi,

Kajiura Shinichiro &
Takuro Sakurai

Produced by Takashi Kobayashi
Storyboard by Takashi Kobayashi
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Lawless is the tenth episode of the Servamp anime. As Lawless and Licht fight it out on the top floor of the hotel Licht forces Lawless to confront the tragedies in his past.


The episode begins with a flashback. Lawless visits a piano  concert (performed by Licht) alongside his current eve. While Lawless is listening to Lichts music he decides to make him his new eve and kills his current eve shortly after the show.

Back in the current timeline, Licht and Lawless are fighting and having an argument: Lawless believes that every human life means nothing, every existence doesn't make any sense. People were just living and dying, but there was no meaning to it. On the other hand, Licht believes the opposite - plus, he claims that Lawless was the only one who was "nothing" and who doesn't wan't to become anything. He also states that Lawless is not worthy of the sin "Greed" - as he doesn't want to be anyoneand doesn't desire anything.

Another flashback:

Lawless is seen in a foreign land with its princess: Ophelia. The two of them seem to be very close to each other. Another flashback (within the flashback). Lawless is hung because he was a vampire, and when he finally changed into hedgehog form young Ophelia tries to free him. She doesn't give up, although she gets hurt by his spikes. The two of them get closer.

Back in the first flashback's timeline, tensions between Ophelia's and a neighbouring country are rising. These tensions force a marriage between Ophelia and the prince of the neighbour country. Lawless wants Ophelia to be safe and tells her to flee with him so that the both of them could live in freedom. But Ophelia makes clear it's not freedom she desires the most, but peace. She says that she won't run away from her duties, and she will marry the prince to become a symbol of peace.

After the wedding the two countries make an alliance which doesn't last very long. The council of the neighbour country decides that Ophelia will have to die for the sake of peace. Lawless, who was eavesdropping, tries anew to save his love, but she just repeats herself: the one thing she desires the most is peace, even more than her life, and if dying means bringing peace to her country, she'd die. Lawless has to struggle with teas and tells her he could just kill every person who tries to harm her, but again, Ophelia tells him he won't be able to do so because he would never take the thing she desires most away from her. Ophelia also states that the Servamp of greed really is befitting for her, as she desires the peace so much she'd die for it.

On the day of her execution she gives her final speak to the people; now that she is dying, she truly hopes that her people will live peacefully with their neighbour. And with her death, peace came again.

A statue in honour of Ophelia was built, and Lawless guarded it day and night. Even after two (human) generations he was still sitting there and crying over her lost.

One day, Old Child appears and tells him that there is a Servamp meeting he should attend to. At first, Lawless doesn't want to come (he did not want to leave the Ophelia statue), but he does as Old Child said it would be involve and important decision.

On the meeting they decided whether their creator should be killed or not, Lawless voted against his death (along with Wrath & Gluttony), while Lust, Envy and Pride all voted for it. It was the vote of Sleepy Ash that made the decision: he should be killed. Lawless gets utterly desperate and yells (still traumatized by the "senseless" death of his love and probably the fear, that now even his father figure - their creator- would die too) after Sleepy Ash that he will never be able to bring peace in that way.

When Lawless later returned to his country, it's totally destroyed, even the statue of Opelia was nothing but a ruin now. A third nation had attacked the two nations and destroyed everything. Lawless can't comprehend all that has happened and starts to sing and says that he's not sad at all because there is no life in the world that has a meaning. He also eats a portion of Ophelia's statue.

Back in the current timeline, Lawless (in an abstract appearance, possibly his inner demon) is surprised that Licht doesn't cry even though the story is sad. Again, the two of them argue. Licht gets on the stage and plays Beethoven's "Für Elise". Lawless states it's the only song he doesn't like Licht playing because it's so sad. Licht tells Lawless that it's not the song that's sad, it always depends on the person who listens to it. Now Lawless realizes that it's not "Für Elise" but he himself that is sad.

Lawless realizes that Licht was right all along; he never tried to be someone or "something" hard enough. When Licht asks him, WHO he is, Lawless realizes: he wanted to be the one, to hold Ophelias hand and never let it go again, he was the one who should have been the one who fought harder for his love in order to save her.

Now Lawless clearly sees, who he wants to be!

The two of them break out from their "prison" and encounter Higan...

Differences from Manga

This episode sticks very close to the original manga chapter.



  • Bagatelle No. 25 (Für Elise) - composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven, performed by Licht Jekylland Todoroki
  • Insert song: Come, Towards the Hope that Lies Ahead。(さあ、その先の希望へと。) - performed by Lawless (CV. Ryōhei Kimura) & Licht Jekylland Todoroki (CV. Nobunaga Shimazaki)