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Neugear・Hartevelt (ノイギア・ハティヴェルト Noigia・Hativeruto), more commonly known as Gear (ギア Gia), is a werewolf with a connection to Kuro's past.


Gear has chin-length black hair, white eyelashes and gold eyes. He's relatively short and has so far only been seen wearing a white suit, black dress shirt and white tie with black shoes along with a long gold earring in his right ear. He usually doesn't wear the suit jacket, opting to carry it instead, but also has an additional furry black coat.

When using his werewolf powers his skin is covered by thick black fur and he sprouts a pair of black ears along with a long fluffy tail. Whenever he activates his powers he rips his clothes and has to shed the fur he grows, much to the chagrin of Youtarou.



Weapon and Abilities

Werewolf Powers



Sleepy Ash




Currently, "Gear" is the only part of his name that has a confirmed English spelling provided by Tanaka Strike. His full name has only been given in katakana for the time being (ノイギア・ハティヴェルト), and Neugear Hartevelt is simply an approximate spelling. This spelling will likely change once we get more information in the future.


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