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“We just… have a woman we want to protect, that’s all.”

Gilberto Weasel (ジルベルト・ウィーズル Jiruberuto・Uiizuru), also known as Gil (ジル Jiru), is a vampire subclass to the Servamp of Wrath. He is often seen with Ray by his side.


Gil has medium-length dark hair and sharp, pointy teeth. He is thin and has long fingers with black painted nails. Gil wears a hat and a suit with a scarf. The scarf pattern matches the shirt Ray wears. Gil also wears a weasel tail with his outfit.



Gil first appears in chapter 50, locked up in C3's jailhouse with Ray. Gil begins talking to Shamrock, who is locked up in another cell. Shamrock ignores him but Gil continues speaking, telling him that he isn't interested in letting Melancholy do whatever they want. He says he has information from a certain source and tells Shamrock that he will be "disposed of" from the jail within a few days. He asks Shamrock that when that times comes, if he wants to join up with Ray and himself. Shamrock asks who they are and Gil replies by telling him not to have his guard up and that they just have a woman they want to protect.

Later in the same chapter, Gil and Ray break out of C3's prison and have convinced Shamrock into doing the same as well. This also leads many other subclass to escape, which makes C3 sound an alarm. Gil says that they were going to stay quietly captured like the woman told them to, but the circumstances have changed. He calls the jailbreak a party and Ray agrees.

Once out of the cell, Gil says it was easy to break out of. Ray agrees and tells him the important part starts now. Gil calls Shamrock "Mr. Eyepatch" and asks him if he minds if they do as they please. Shamrock tells them to do what they want because he has things he needs to attend to himself.

Gil then makes an announcement saying that they only have one request: release the imprisoned Servamp of Wrath. He says if C3 fails to do this, they will destroy the jail.

Gil and Ray vs Tsurugi

In the halls of C3, Gil and Ray search for Wrath but are interrupted as Tsurugi emerges and begins talking to them. Gil gets excited and says that he was thinking this was just going to be a boring escape game. Tsurugi asks the pair why they are going to kill him. They are confused and Gil asks Tsurugi if he means he is willing to listen to them. He begins to tell Tsurugi that they let themselves be captured so they could bail out Wrath. He asks Tsurugi if C3 was planning to do horrible experiments on Wrath, insinuating that he already knows the answer to that question is yes. He says that they will definitely get Wrath back unscathed.


Gil and Ray high five in victory.

Tsurugi gets ready to attack and Gil says that he is slow. Gil and Ray join hands and Gil calls out "Gilbert Weasel". Tsurugi continues attacking and Ray pulls Gil out of the way. Gil tells Ray he saved him. Gil tells Tsurugi that their hometown is a water capital and calls out his attack, Forbidden Lover (Dying in Venice). Ray aids him in this attack and targets Tsurugi. This causes Tsurugi to lose the ability to move his body. Water suddenly comes rushing at Tsurugi while Gil and Ray high five in victory of their successful attack.

Tsurugi stables himself and starts at Gil and Ray. Gil tells him he's energetic and Tsurugi becomes faster than before. Ray tries to get Tsurugi into the frame of his target but he is too fast. Tsurugi suddenly attacks Gil but Ray steps in to protect him. Gil is concerned for Ray, but Ray tells him not to bother because Tsurugi is coming.

The battle continues with Gil hitting Tsurugi with his ability. The power suddenly goes out and Gil remembers Ray's condition. Ray tells Gil that he is fine and not to get upset, saying that will only get him killed. Ray states he may not be of much help anymore because of his injured hand.

Tsurugi suddenly attacks and Gil tells Ray to leave it to him. Gil shoots water at Tsurugi, who tries to communicate with Toma. Gil and Ray take advantage of this opportunity by working together to use Ray's ability. The attack is successful and it send Tsurugi to the lower levels.

Gil tending to Ray

Gil tending to Ray's injury.

Gil then uses his clothing to patch up Ray's injury. Gil asks Ray if he can move and Ray tells him he is fine and that they have to go. The duo scour for The Mother and run into her, Lawless, and Licht. Ray and Gil run to The Mother and tell her they were worried about her. Gil mentions they fought a difficult opponent and Lawless asks if it was Tsurugi. Gil replies that they defeated him and he sunk down the elevator shaft.

The Mother and Subclass ch 57

Wrath hugging Gil and Ray

Once Gil hears that Lawless and Licht wanted to save Tsurugi, he becomes defensive and states that Tsurugi got what he deserved. When The Mother decides to save Tsurugi, Gil and Ray are shocked and ask her why, since they fought so hard. She hugs them and thanks them for saving her. They call out to her as she jumps down to rescue Tsurugi.

Gil and Ray then realize the building is collapsing and that they must leave. They are still worried about The Mother's safety.



Ray is Gil's fellow Wrath subclass and partner. It is revealed that they both have the same hometown, Venice, Italy. Together they infiltrated C3 to save their Servamp. They battle together and work well using each other's abilities in the best way. During battle, they often high-five or talk with each other. Gil seems to be more reckless when fighting and Ray is observant enough to save him more than once. Gil always thanks him when this happens. When Ray takes damage due to an attack aimed at Gil, Gil is worried about Ray instead of the enemy. In conversation, Ray is always shown to agree with what Gil is saying.


Gil is shown to repeat word or phrases and stretch out his vowels in conversation. When talking, he often asks Ray for confirmation after saying something. Gil is also shown to be slightly vulgar, as he has used swear words when talking to C3. He is very loud and gets excited when confronted with an enemy. He seems to enjoy fighting, but is a bit reckless. He also calls people by nicknames, regardless of how long he has known them. Gil is very passionate about getting Wrath out of C3 and saving her. He leads on that she is very important to Ray and himself and threatens to destroy all of C3 if they don't release her.


Gils ability

Gil's ability.


  • Forbidden Lover (Dying in Venice)- Gil's ability is water based and is in relation to his hometown, Venice. It causes a rush of water to surge toward the enemy. It has an effect of their body and halts them because it often makes them swallow water. The enemy has been shown needing to catch their breath and cough up water. Gil uses his ability paired with Ray's. Since he is able to combat against Tsurugi, it must have considerable strength.


  • Physical Strength: 6/10
  • Tactics: 6/10
  • Spirit of Cooperation: 7/10
  • Mental: 6/10
  • Outward Appearance: 3/10
  • Offensive Skill: 8/10


  • "...Heeey you. Yeah, you. You can hear my voice, can't yooou?" (Chapter 50, to Shamrock)
  • "Whoops! Honestly, we're not interested in letting Melancholy do whatever they want, seeee. They just do whatever & whatever, seeee? Right Ray?" (Chapter 50)
  • "We just...have a woman we want to protect, that's all." (Chapter 50)
  • "We were worried & worried, Big Sister! We heard you were captured! Right, Ray?" (To The Mother)
  • "Oi oi, are you insane, Gaudy Glasses!?" (About Lawless)


  • Gil often calls others "Nii-san" or "Nee-chan" which translates to big brother or big sister.
  • Gil is from Venice, Italy.
  • Gil refers to his hometown as a lovely water capital.
  • Gil has weasel-like features and matches Ray. (According to a fan book, he is also compared to a weasel, whereas Ray is referred to as "crazyrabbit")


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