Hattori is an employee at the Alicein Manor. He is the family's tutor and has been for many years.


Hattori is a man of very old age. He has light hair that curls outward and a thick mustache. He wears formal attire, like many other Alicein employees, which consists of a light blazer with a dark, spotted undershirt. He wears a large tied ribbon with a crest in the center. Hattori wears a hat which has a teacup and spoon resting on top.


Hattori is very lighthearted and easygoing. Even in a stressful situation, such as when Otogiri began to attack, he seemed calm and fled the area. He likes to joke around and tease others, especially Misono. As the tutor of the Alicein family, he must be very intelligent. He is very good at chess, able to beat most, if not all, the Aliceins.


Hattori is the tutor for the Alicein household and has been for generations. He began working there when Mikage was the head of the family.

Hattori used to tutor Misono before he started cram school, and most likely Mikuni as well.

Hattori often played chess with his students. He is very good at the game, enough to make Mikage, Mikado, and Misono express strong emotions, such as pouting, crying, and turning red. He did not, however, get such a reaction out of Mikuni.


At the Alicein Manor, Hattori greets Misono, stating that it's been a while and announcing that his tutor has arrived. They sit down at a table and Hattori makes small talk, asking Misono if he's done with cram school. Misono tells him to stop the chat and the older man swiftly pushes all books off the table, saying to forget them. Misono states that he is the same old Hattori.

Hattori suggesting he and Misono play chess.

Hattori pulls out a chess board and asks Misono if he is up for a match, but he cannot pout, for he is in high school now. Misono becomes irritated, asking when he would ever pout. Hattori claims he pouted all the time. Misono calls him a bastard and Hattori replies that it's okay, since Misono's father used to cry.

Misono is surprised by this and Hattori tells him his grandpa went red. He states they are all the same, except for one. Misono questions this and Hattori avoids the inquiry by starting the game. He beats Misono.

Hattori talking with Dodo and Yamane.

Hattori is present when other members of the staff, Yamane, Dodo, Mitsuki, and Lily, talk about Misono in the dining hall. Otogiri then enters and attacks, but Hattori leaves quickly, stating that he is useless in the situation.

Later, Hattori and the staff eavesdrop on Mahiru talking to Mikado. He tells Dodo that Mahiru is a real bully. He then introduces himself to Mahiru as the family tutor since Misono's grandpa was around. He also states that he is a longtime friend.


  • "Long time no see! Your tutor's here!" (Chapter 19, to Misono)
  • "Up for a match? But no pouting! You're in high school!" (Chapter 19, to Misono)
  • "Well, I'm useless here. Ta ta, son!" (Chapter 19, to Dodo)
  • "Hey there, Shirota Mahiru! I'm the family tutor! Since their grandpa was around. And longtime friend too." (Chapter 21, to Mahiru)
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