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Higan (ヒガン) is one of Tsubaki's most powerful subclass and acts as his number two.


Higan is an older man who appears to be around his late 30's to early 40's. He has crimson red hair that he wears in a low ponytail, his hair looks to go all the way to the ground. He has red eyes due to being a vampire and dresses in a pink shirt with small red parts, pants that are rolled up to just under his knees and a pair of sandals/jandals. He wears a black bottom half apron over the jeans and brown gloves.


Higan seems to have a mature and rather laid-back personality, although he's also seen to have humor and cracking sarcastic comments or jokes at some points. He's very loyal to Tsubaki and takes the orders he's supposed to execute very seriously.

On multiple occasions, he's seen to lose objects like his phone or his lighter.


Nothing is known about his past so far.


Higan makes his first appearance, when he attacks Licht Jekylland Todoroki. He opens the fight with a haiku. He then makes fun of Licht - telling him he forgot his pocket lighter and can't light his cigarette now. After saying so, he rips out some of Lichts skin and makes it go up in flames.
He finally succeeds in defeating Licht after a long battle and kidnaps him. He leaves (most likely on purpose) his cellphone at the crime scene which is later found by Mahiru Shirota.
After breaking out of their prison cell, Licht and Lawless fight again against Higan and manage to defeat him. This time it looks like he has died, but he later appears to save Tsubaki from C3's attack. Higan tells Tsubaki to run away with Lila in order to save their lives.


He is related to Tsubaki; he is his subclass.


  • Just like All of Love and Taishi Toma, he smokes too.
  • He made a key chain for his cellphone that looks like Berkia and his ringtone seems to be Tsubaki's voice saying "Ahahaha ... I'm calling you" - his wallpaper is also Tsubaki with his subclass behind him (but you can only see their hands)
  • He's always acting cool - even when Shamrock says he made a mistake and the only solution was harakiri (ritual suicide), he doesn't seem to be bothered.
  • He seems to like haikus - as he often talks in haiku form.
  • According to the fan book he is originally from Italy.
  • Like Tsubaki and his other subclass, Higan has a flower themed name. Higanbana (ヒガンバナ) is the Japanese name for the red spider lily, also referred to as the red magic lily or hurricane lily.
  • His username on Servamphoto (a parody of Instagram) is antares_higan.


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