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Inner Snow Lily
Inner Lily.png
Title The Lust

Snow Lily

Status Alive
Gender Female

Inner Snow Lily is the inner self of Snow Lily that appears in Lily's mind.


Adult Inner Lily

Inner Lily has two forms. First is a short haired little girl with two round hair ornaments. She's wearing white sleeveless dress with big ribbon tied behind her waist. Second is a woman with long hair wearing the same white dress.


She is the representation of Lily's inner feeling. As the representation of his feeling, she cares and is protective of Misono as much as Lily does.


She first appears in chapter 20 when Misono is engulfed by Lily. As Misono witnesses Lily's memories, he encounters his inner self. She apologize to Misono for hiding many things from him, but she did so for his own good and because she's afraid that he will hate and push her away. She tries to convince Misono not to try to find out the truth because outside is a world full of pain and sadness. She then changes her form into a woman and desperately tells him how she wants to protect him, herself, and the real Lily. She hugs Misono, telling him that he is still a child and he doesn't need to know anything but love. Misono disagrees with her thinking because the happiness she's talking about won't last forever. He assures her that he will be okay because he is not alone, convincing her to return him to the outside world. Before he leaves, she tells Misono that she entrusts Lily to him and he must never forget that nothing can exist without love.

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