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Iori Tsukimitsu (月満 伊程 Tsukimitsu Iori) is the branch manager of Tokyo's C3 and the older brother of Yumikage Tsukimitsu and Miyako Tsukimitsu. He's a magician and specializes in barrier magic.


Iori is a tall and slim man. He has short blondish gray hair which parts on his left side. Iori has dark coloured eyes, which seem to be a mix of blue and purple. He's usually seen wearing a white suit with white shoes, a white tie and a dark shirt underneath.


Not much is known about his personality yet, but he seems be very confident, especially in his abilities, and even smug. He's mostly seen with a smile on his face, even when fighting, and is not easily intimidated by strong villains like Tsubaki. Despite his charismatic and even intimitading presence, he also seems have a rather silly and soft-hearted side to him.


Iori first appears in chapter 72 when he enters the control room where Mikuni is watching everything happening as C3 is collapsing. Despite the collapse, Iori seems to be quite relaxed and asks Mikuni if everything is going according to his plan.

Later, in chapter 80, he can be seen standing in the "Department of Extraordinary Situations" which is quite in uproar due to the said collapse of the headquarters. He's asked what should be done since Toma has disappeared. Iori directs the question to Toru, who comes in at that moment, but he blocks the question. Iori tells Toru to write a report on the matter of Toma and that he's going to be the new vice manager as he comes next.

In chapter 84, his face is revealed for the first time as well as his magic. He uses a spell to create a magic barrier around the hospital, however, it gets destroyed by Tsubaki. When Iori meets Tsubaki face to face, he introduces himself happily and asks him what he's doing at the hospital. Tsubaki attacks him, but Iori is able to block it with another barrier and continues the small talk. When Tsubaki takes another attempt, he breaks the spell, but Iori gets protected by Toru. They bicker with each other a little.

Continuing in chapter 85, Toru and him try to fight Tsubaki, but fail again and again. Iori remains smug, but even he is shocked when a powerful attack from Toru doesn't have any effect on their opponent. Right after Toru gets impaled by Tsubaki's sword, Iori gets injured badly by Tsubaki as well.


Weapon/Magic Tool:

  • Keys: Iori's main magic tool are keys, which are used to create barriers. He has a big repertory of keys in his jacket which he uses accordingly. He can use multiple keys at once and is able to cast a variety of different barriers. The use of these keys however, leave big cuts on his body.


  • Perfect Concierge - Room 606: For this spell, Iori takes the key with the tag that has "606" on it. While saying the complete spell, he pushes the key inside the back of his hand. After inserting it, the number 606 appears in that place. This spell summons big singular barriers, which then form a huge net-like magical barrier around a building for example, in this case a hospital. If the spell is broken, the number on his hand disappears and seems to leave injuries.

Young Toma, Iori and Toru


  • He owns 2 hamsters
  • He's currently single
  • He's able to cast a spell together with his siblings Yumikage and Miyako, which still requires one of his keys
  • He seems to be quite friendly with Mikuni, even though he left C3
  • 15 years ago Iori, Toma and Toru were a team in C3
    • Iori refers to them as "Tokyo Branch’s strongest 3 idiots"