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Izuna Nobel (イズナ・ノーベル Izuna・Nōberu), spelled as Iduna in the English release of the manga, is a member of C3 and works at the organization. She currently holds a contract with the Servamp of Wrath, The Mother.


Izuna is a young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a white shirt with half-length sleeves and pink overall shorts with a blue pocket, which often holds her tools. She wears pink and blue matching shoes. Izuna is often seen wearing a welding helmet. As of her contract establishment with The Mother, her hair is now in a short bob cut.


Ever since she was 5 years old, Izuna had already shown a sign of her talent in inventing. She has always liked creating various things not only for fun, but also to make her parents happy and be praised by the adults around her. This talent allowed her to join C3 at the age of 16. Due to her name, and the fact she was incapable of reading or speaking Japanese as a child, it is believed that she is not of Japanese descent.


Izuna is very laid back and even ditsy at times. She enjoys creating new inventions and getting feedback on them. She is very open with her feelings and will say what is on her mind. Izuna is very intelligent, as she is always creating different gadgets and improving existing technology. She can be forceful at times when she becomes passionate about upgrading things, to the point where it scares others off, such as Mikuni, due to her repeated attempts to turn Abel, Mikuni's doll, into a robot. Despite this, she is very light-hearted and open to others. Unlike Syuhei, she has no aversion to vampires, believing not all of them are as bad as he thinks. Izuna has a good relationship with her coworkers, simply hanging out with them or often suggesting that they play games where the loser buys everyone lunch.


Izuna and Robot Girl after stunning Mahiru.

Izuna makes her first appearance in chapter 13 when she uses a stun gun on Mahiru. She knocks him completely unconscious and regards this as a mistake, supposing she set the gun too high. She is with C3's Robot Girl, who is assumed to be made by Izuna.

While Mahiru is with Syuhei, Izuna, along with an unnamed man wearing three pairs of glasses, look after Kuro. Izuna sits on a couch next to Glasses Man holding noodles. She calls herself silly because she waited five minutes for her noodles and not the correct time, three minutes. While trying to interrogate Kuro, Glasses Man tells him that Izuna over-stunned them and then tells her to apologize. Izuna smiles and says no one understands her.

When Mahiru and Kuro stumble into a room at C3, Izuna sits in a control room watching them. Syuhei barges in looking for them and asks Izuna if they escaped.

Izuna then asks Syuhei why Mahiru can't just leave, telling him not to be upset with her for asking. Syuhei is confused and Izuna remarks that Sloth is different now. Mikuni then enters and Izuna tries to turn Abel into a robot. Mikuni refers to her as Evil Welding Girl and tells her to stop lusting after Abel. Syuhei then locates Mahiru and Kuro and goes after them. Izuna decides to join him. Here she pets Kuro, who is in cat form, and calls him cute. Before Mahiru leaves, Izuna introduces herself as Syuhei’s coworker and tells him that Syuhei’s father was in C3 until a vampire killed him. She says that Syuhei still holds a grudge, but thanks to him, he likes vampires a little more than the day before. She then reveals she was the one who stun-gunned Mahiru and asks him for feedback.

When Mahiru and his friends are taken under C3's custody, she shows Mahiru, Tsurugi, Yumikage, and Junichiro her new creations, one of them being a gun that shoots artificial sunlight that turns Kuro into his cat form. She occasionally shows support of the idea to peacefully communicate with the vampires. During the prison break, she lends her ID Card to Mahiru so he can use it to free The Mother while she evacuates the other workers until Toma orders her to evacuate as well. On her way, she meets Ray, Gil, Lawless, and Licht. Lawless returns her ID Card and thanks her for lending it as it helped them freeing The Mother. This earned her Gil and Ray's gratitude and trust.

Shortly after, they are confronted by Toma who is holding Tsurugi. Despite her attempt to convince him it's not necessary to fight, Toma attacks her, but she is saved by Gil and Ray. When Toma shot Ray with the gun she creates, she quickly tells Gil to cut off Ray's right arm that slowly disintegrating, forcing Gil to do as she told him to. Moving Ray away with Gil while Lawless and Licht fight Toma, Izuna guiltily admits that she is the one who created the weapon. Kuro arrives with Yumikage right before Toma could kill Lawless and Licht. Hearing what happened to The Mother, Gil and Ray plead with her to save The Mother. She determinedly promised to leave everything to her and leaves searching for her. While looking for The Mother, she recalls her past and her regret for inadvertently motivating Syuhei to become a killer by creating weapons to kill vampires. Finding the fourth Servamp greatly weakened in her wolf form, Izuna tearfully asks her to form a temporary contract with The Mother so she can stop Syuhei from becoming a killer. As The Mother comforts her, Izuna reveals her name and gives The Mother her new name, "Freya". Izuna cuts off her long hair into a bob style, and hands the rest to Freya as their contract item.


Syuhei Tsuyuki

Izuna is Syuhei’s childhood friend, therefore, the two of them get along. She knows about his fathers death and was by his side to support him through that difficult experience. Izuna knows him well enough to realize that Mahiru made him like vampires more than he did before. Izuna doesn’t want Syuhei to become a killer and wishes to prevent him from killing Shamrock and avenging his father. Izuna has a nickname for Syuhei, calling him "Loki" ("Teriyaki" in the English release), which Syuhei usually ignores or corrects. It is hinted that she may have romantic feelings for him.


  • "Strange...Sloth seems different now." (Chapter 15)
  • "I'll turn Abel into a robot!" (Chapter 15)
  • "I'm Loki-kun's, I mean Tsuyuki-kun's, co-worker ... sort of." (Chapter 15)
  • "A world of a sad, sad place." (Chapter 15)


  • Before her actual name is revealed, the fandom dubbed her as "Tinker" due to her occupation and hobbies.
    • On Tanaka Strike's website her profile picture was labelled as "Yosetsu"; it is unclear if this was originally going to be her name but was changed at some point to Izuna instead.
  • Her lead is a glove.
  • She calls Syuhei "Loki", because she couldn't read the kanji spelling his name correctly when she was young due to the fact that she couldn't speak or read Japanese.
    • In the licensed English copies of the series, they have her call Tsuyuki "Teriyaki."
  • It was revealed on the official SERVAMP Twitter that Izuna is Swedish, after it was previously stated in the C3 arc that she was foreign (though her exact nationality was not disclosed).