Kyūketsuki Darake no Fuyuyasumi (SERVAMP-サーヴァンプ-」ドラマCD 吸血鬼だらけの冬休み The Vampire-only Winter Vacation) is a 2015 Drama CD. The CD was released on January 28, 2015 and was published by Frontier Works and Kadokawa Media Factory. The CD contains 3 original stories and a cast talk.


In the first story, Tetsu's family has reserved a hot spring for the SERVAMP gang to warm up with during the cold winter, as per custom though everyone has to shower before getting in the springs. Predictably, this leads to some minor splash and soap wars, Misono over-estimating his capabilities and Tetsu underestimating his strength. Afterwards, everyone dives into the springs to relax, Licht is disappointed as he expected to see monkeys and bears in the springs. This prompts Lawless to rudely comment that he thinks Mahiru looks like a monkey while Tetsu, eager to please customers, pretends to be a bear for Licht. However, Licht isn't used to baths and quickly overheats and has to be carried off by Lawless. Tetsu has to show everyone how to properly wear yukatas before everyone heads off to bed. In the morning, Tsubaki and Berkia try to sneak into springs to rudely awaken (and stab) Kuro and Lawless. However, they quickly run into Tetsu who notices they're vampires and notifies them of the special deal vampires get if they at the springs and promptly shoves Tsubaki in a coffin, much to Berkia's amusement.

In the second story, it snowed overnight much to everyones surprise and the only natural response is to hold a snowball fight! Tsubaki and Berkia invite themselves into the group and Tetsu quickly finds out Tsubaki is quite touchy about his height. Licht declares himself an archangel and decides to "purify" the demons with snowballs starting with Tsubaki. Hugh and Lily quickly remove themselves from the fray and decide to build snow houses instead while everyone else decides on teams through rock paper scissors. The resulting teams are: Mahiru, Kuro, Misono & Tetsu, with Tsubaki, Berkia, Lawless and Licht as their opponents. Mahiru's team start building snowballs while commenting on Tetsu's strength, but when Mahiru and Tetsu leave to scope out the opposition Kuro throws a snowball at Misono as a demonstration, causing him to faint. On the other team, Tsubaki mocks Licht's angelic delusions but Licht doesn't appear to notice. Tsubaki begins putting stones in their teams snowballs, Licht thoroughly enjoys this idea but Mahiru and Tetsu pop-out from their spying position to destroy the snowballs. Afterwards, Mahiru decides to change the competition to a snowman building one instead; whichever team builds the biggest one wins! Licht gets extremely excited as apparently one of his dreams was to build the worlds biggest snowman, Tsubaki and Berkia on the otherhand begin carving a sculpture of Tsubaki using their swords. Mahiru's team has given up from exhaustion at this point and Mahiru suggests everyone heads back to his house to eat. Upon arriving most of the guests immediately swarm to the "legendary" kotatsu, however it wasn't made for quite so many people and the inhabitants quickly begin squirming and squabbling with each other eventually culminating in betting on a fight between Licht and Tsubaki.

In the last story, Mahiru cleans for new years eve and orders Kuro to go out shopping for him. On the way home he runs into Misono and Lily who were on their way to visit Mahiru, while talking they realise today is Kuro's birthday! Kuro however doesn't seem to care. Upon arriving at Mahiru's apartment they're greeted by party poppers going off and Mahiru, Tetsu, Hugh, Licht and Lawless wishing Kuro a happy birthday and eating cake. Licht is confused though as he thought the party was for him as his birthday was on the 24th the week before, Kuro says they may as well make it a joint celebration as he doesn't care. Tsubaki and Belkia then crash the party to congratulate Kuro by slamming a cake in his face. After Kuro showers everyone gathers to light the cake and sing but Kuro blows the candles out before they get a chance to do so, in doing so everyones left in the dark which leads to Misono panicking, Lawless losing his glasses and everyone else bumping into each other or screaming while trying to turn the lights back on. After the mayhem dies down its time to open the presents, only for everyone to realise they all got him different variations of the same gift (a cattail), Kuro transforms in response. Mahiru then reveals it was a joke and that they all got him proper presents like a new game he wanted, a pillow, etc. After the present giving Tsubaki decides its time to start drinking and whips out some sake while Lily brings out some wine. At this point Tsubaki becomes quite drunk as Berkia explains he can tolerate alcohol but wine gets him drunk in one glass. At the same time,Licht has gotten accidentally drunk from eating brandy infused chocolate as Lawless says he can't handle even the tiniest amount of alcohol, this results in him falling asleep while trying to play his piano. Misono meanwhile has fallen asleep despite wanting to stay up until midnight for new years. Mahiru joins Kuro in the corner as he eats his birthday cake and asks him whether he's in a bad mood due to the party, Kuro says he's simply not used to people celebrating the fact he was born. Hugh and Lawless join them and echo his sentiment saying that no ones ever been glad they were born because they're evil monsters, Lily says the Alicein's throw him a party every year and it always makes him emotional. Mahiru cheers them up by telling them about his memories of when his mother was alive and that he wants them to think of all humans as being important to them and that he wants to gather and celebrate like this every year. The story finishes with everyone in varying states of consciousness counting down to midnight.

Track List

  1. Oidemase、 Shironoyu Onsen (おいでませ、白ノ湯温泉 Welcome to the White Water Hot Springs)
  2. Fuyuda! Yukida! Kyūketsuki Darake no Yukigassen Taikai (冬だ! 雪だ! 吸血鬼だらけの雪合戦大会 It’s Winter! It’s Snow! The Vampire-only Snowball Fight Tournament)
  3. Sakeda! Kēkida! Kyūketsuki Darake no Kauntodaunpātī (酒だ! ケーキだ!吸血鬼だらけのカウントダウンパーティー It’s Sake! It’s Cake! The Vampire-only Countdown Party)
  4. Cast Talk (キャストトーク Kyasuto Tōku)


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