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Kyūketsuki Darake no Natsuyasumi (吸血鬼だらけの夏休み The Vampire-only Summer Vacation) is a 2014 drama CD. The CD was released on July 30, 2014 and was published by Frontier Works and Kadokawa Media Factory. The CD contains 3 stories: 1 adaptation of chapter 22 of the manga & 2 original scenarios, and a cast talk.


In a CD adaptation of chapter 22 the greed pair, Licht Jekylland Todoroki and Lawless, are introduced to the rest of the gang after Licht identifies Kuro as a "demon" he must purify. Mahiru tries to convince the pair to join the fight against Tsubaki but Lawless refuses as he still hasn't forgiven his older brother for an event in their past.

In the second story, Mahiru kicks Kuro out of the house so he can clean but he's quickly picked up by Misono and Lily on their way to a part time job! At the job they quickly realise its much harder then first though and they have Lawless as a work buddy, Misono quickly passes out due to overheating causing them to move onto the next job at a cafe. However, the other workers and the customers at the cafe are a bit of a challenge....

In the third story, the sloth, lust, greed and melancholy teams all put aside their differences to enjoy a day at the pool! Everyone enjoys some shaved ice and pool shenanigans before a violent volleyball game and a revelation regarding vampires and an old superstition.

Track List

  1. Tenshi ka Akuma (天使か悪魔 Angel or Demon)
  2. Natsu da! Baitoda! Kyūketsuki Darake no Kissaten (夏だ!バイトだ!吸血鬼だらけの喫茶店 It’s Summer! It’s Part-timing! The Vampire-only Café)
  3. Natsuda! Pūruda! Kyūketsuki Darake no Bīchibarē (夏だ!プールだ!吸血鬼だらけのビーチバレー It’s Summer! It’s the Pool! The Vampire-only Beach Volleyball)
  4. Kyasuto Tōku (キャストトーク Cast Talk)


In order of appearance: