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Lawless is the Servamp of Greed and has a contract with a famous pianist Licht Jekylland Todoroki. He is a strong Servamp who often quotes Shakespeare and has a habit of killing his Eves once he grows bored of them.


He has spiky yellow-blonde with dark brown streaks with slim, dark red eyes and red square-frame glasses. Like all normal Servamps he has fangs that appear when he smiles. He has a long scarf around his neck that extends down to his mid-calves and near the ends splits into separate threads. He also wears a chain with a dog-tag on it that has 'Hyde', his current name, engraved on it.


Lawless is self-centred and particularly emotional. After Ophelia's sacrifice, Lawless lost all motivation in living for himself and only chases after the shadow of Ophelia's desire. He has no faith in the world and would much rather bring his Eves to the ground to prove his own selfish belief. He is sensitive and stubborn, and he typically acts impulsively to block any suspicion on his actions. For this reason, he is regarded as being unconventional and otherwise very dangerous.

Lawless ch 40

Lawless, crying after he lost his power.

Through Licht, it's revealed that Lawless is simple and has no aspirations for himself, he is otherwise driven by his own loneliness. He is shown to long for someone to love him, and his extravagant methods of switching Eves was only a means of refusing to face this fact.

Overall, however, Lawless is extremely energetic and obnoxious with penchant to poking fun at others and tends to introduce himself and others through extravagant means. He tends to be self-serving but an otherwise positive presence. After he lost his power, he doesn't change much but becomes quite a crybaby.


He once had a good relationship to the man who created the Servamps - he describes him as a father figure.

Lawless and Ophelia ep 10-1

Lawless' first meeting with Ophelia.

One of his Eves was a princess named Ophelia. He was captured by the kingdom's soldiers due to being a vampire and was forced to change into his hedgehog form by being tied while exposed to sunlight so they can find out more about vampires. A young Ophelia found him and despite his attempt to turn her away, Ophelia remained insistent and took care of him since then, earning Lawless' trust and she eventually became his Eve. Due to their bond, Lawless is officially accepted in the castle.

Lawless ep 10-3

Lawless staying at Ophelia's statue.

As years passed, Lawless fell in love with Ophelia, but she married another man in order to restore peace to her country. Lawless was deeply hurt and also worried about her. Despite her efforts to restore peace, the marriage was a ploy to win the trust of the kingdom in order to overthrow them. Lawless pleaded Ophelia to run away with him, but Ophelia declined because what she wants is peace for both countries. Ophelia offers herself as sacrifice in order to inspire her citizens and ensure her death had meaning for the kingdom. Lawless from then on sat at her statue and defended it.

Lawless and Kuro ep 9

Lawless angrily objects Kuro's decision to kill their creator.

Around the same time, C3 ordered the Servamps to kill the person who had created them. To decide on the controversial matter, the Servamps decided to hold a survey to determine the fate of their creator. Having just lost Ophelia to humanity and fearing losing the last piece of human family he had left, Lawless objected to the notion. With the vote split three to three, the oldest Servamp, Sleepy Ash, was the deciding factor. He reluctantly agreed that it was best that the creator be killed and was sent to finish the job himself. This decision was enough to cause a one-sided dispute between Lawless and his brother for years to come.

When Lawless returned to the country, he was devastated to found the statue of Ophelia destroyed together with the country due to another war against a bigger country, destroying the country that Ophelia had sacrificed her life to protect. This furthers his image of fault in human kind and justifies his belief that "No one can hatch from their cocoon and become a butterfly." In response, Lawless begins to devalue human lives in response to the tragedy that had befallen Ophelia and the Creator.

Greed ep 7

Lawless meets Licht.

In the 21st century, he was the Servamp of an American actress and went to Licht's concert after she gave him the ticket. Half a year before the story, he watched Licht's piano concert and was impressed that he decided to make him his new Eve. After going back to his current Eve, he killed her and made it look like an accident. As he had planned, Lawless changes to his hedgehog form to get Licht's attention and acted like a cute animal for a while until Licht gave him a necklace with his new name on it and then called his name when he showed him in human form, which fulfilled the criteria to form a contract. After he was named "Hyde", he revealed himself as the vampire he is, leading Licht attempts to murder him to rid the world of demons like him.


Reunion with Sleepy Ash

Licht and Lawless ep 6-0

Lawless introduces Licht to Mahiru and Kuro.

Lawless accompanies Licht to a concert in Japan, what in fact was a trick by Tsubaki who pretended to be a relative to Licht in order to lure them to Japan. Lawless purposely made himself being trapped in a cage to make Mahiru and Kuro thinks that he was captured by Licht to lure them. As he hoped, Licht is then approached by Mahiru and Kuro who wishes for them to cooperate together in the battle against Tsubaki. Lawless frees himself from the cage and cheerfully introduces himself and Licht, which earns him a kick by Licht. Still feeling bitter for what happened in the past, Lawless refuses to work together as he mockingly sneers Kuro by reminding him of what happened last time, something that angered Kuro. They were interrupted by a ringtone from Lawless' cell phone, prompting him to leave because he has a part time job.

Ambush at Piano Concert

Ep 6 lawless 2

Lawless fights against Tsubaki's subclasses.

Not long after, at the concert Lawless realizes, that all of the audience are vampires and when they try to attack him, and Lawless easily kills all of them. Only two managed to survive - Belkia and Lilac. He once again meets Mahiru and Kuro, and Lawless once again declines Mahiru's request to fight together against Tsubaki, reminding that Kuro is capable of doing it alone if he is serious, but Mahiru disagrees. Lawless tells Mahiru that he knows nothing and begins to tell him their past regarding the request they received from C3 to kill a certain person, which enraged Kuro who quickly cuts him off before he could finish the story. Noticing that Kuro doesn't want Mahiru to find out that much, Lawless continues to mock him as he states how he hates Kuro and his other siblings for trying to forget what happened.

Lawless and Kuro ep 6-1

Lawless duels against Kuro.

The two have a brief duel in which Lawless seems to have the upper hand until Licht came between them and showed them their past with his piano play. Disliking remembering his painful past with Ophelia, Lawless attacks Licht to stop him from playing, but they were stopped by his subclass, Guilderstein. Everyone in the room then sensed Lilac's presence and Lawless attempts to kill him. Mahiru stopped him before he could, pointing out the fact that Lilac couldn't and wouldn't harm them. Annoyed, Lawless spares Lilac and leaves, having an appointment to meet with World End.

Kidnapped by Tsubaki

Lawless ep 7

Lawless captured by Tsubaki.

On his way to meet World End, however, Lawless is confronted by the enraged Tsubaki and he is captured. When he awakes in Tsubaki's hideout, he finds himself unable to move and believes that Licht has died since his wounds weren't healing. After a while, he can hear Licht's voice and at first thought it was simply a voice in his head due to their contract. He soon realizes, however, it really is Lichts voice coming from the room next to him. The two of them start to argue about what happened if Licht dies, and the argument escalates when Licht finally questions what Lawless is trying to run away from. Losing his patience, Licht manages to kick through the wall and challenged Lawless who is more than willing to accept.

Licht and Lawless ep 10-1

Lawless vs. Licht.

The battle resulted in stalemate since both are injured, so Lawless decides to stop by simply stating that he is himself. Licht merely scoffs at Lawless statement, continuing to point out Lawless' attempt to escape from reality. This makes Lawless loses control and absorbs Licht, showing him his memories. In respond to Lawless showing his memories, Licht plays his piano and urges Lawless to stop running away from his pain and be honest with his true wishes. Reailizing that he still wants to ask Kuro what he was thinking when deciding to kill their creator and doesn't want to let Licht die, Lawless and Licht uses their power and able to break through the room. Just as they are free, they are confronted by Higan who came to check up on them after hearing the noises they caused while fighting.

Battle Against Higan

Lawless and Higan ep 11

Lawless defeats Higan.

Together with Licht, Lawless able to corners Higan by switching their positions; Lawless in defence while Licht in offence. Higan decides to get serious, changing to his young appearance by drinking Licht's blood and quickly overpowers Lawless and Licht. Laying injured, the three are distracted by Kuro who takes a form of huge black lion, which surprises Lawless and makes him wondering did Kuro has changed. Regaining his determination, Lawless tries to suck Higan's blood, but he is quickly got punched back. With Higan holding him close, Licht uses this opportunity to make a musical note on Higan's arm using his own blood, disrupting Higan's brain. Licht begins to play "Phantom of the Opera", giving Lawless a necessary power boost and defeats Higan.

Lawless ep 12-1

Lawless gets sliced by Tsubaki together with his necklace.

After defeating Higan, the rest of Servamps and Eves approaches them, tending to their injuries. Kuro uses this times to properly reconcile with Lawless, who forgives his older brother. Mahiru and Kuro then asks what his current name is. He initially refused to reveal it out of embarrassment, but after much insistence he reluctantly revealed that his current name is "Hyde" and the contract item he received is a necklace with his name that Licht himself carved. Their happy moments are short-lived as Lilac snatchs Lawless' necklace, resenting him for killing his friends and nearly kill him yesterday night. To make things worse, Tsubaki appears and takes the necklace from Lilac. Lawless stops Licht from making any move, knowing how strong Tsubaki is and both of them have reached their limit, forcing Lawless to rely on his brother. Unfortunately, Kuro fails to retrieve the contract item and Tsubaki proceeds to slice the necklace in half, causing Lawless to lost his Jins and power.

Lawless and Kuro ch 40

Lawless and Kuro discusses the seven Servamps' presence at Tokyo.

Three C3 members then arrives and encloses Lawless into a black box to prevent the djinns from spreading further and he stays there for the duration of the fight. When the box was opened, Lawless returns to his helpless hedgehog form. Afterwards, C3 arranges for Lawless and Licht to stay with Mahiru and Kuro for the time being and they are not allowed to leave the apartment until further notice. Unlike Lily, after his necklace was destroyed, Lawless becomes quite a crybaby but overall doesn't change much. Three C3 members appears again and tells them they're going to be placed at C3 HQ from now on for their own protection, something that Lawless objects. Unfortunately, they manages to lure Licht away with melons. Lawless can't belive what happens, but he can't stop his naive Eve and follows him.


Greed Pair ch 41

Lawless realizes they are being played by C3.

Lawless and Licht are placed in a room, provided with everything necessary for them. Lawless tries to remind his eve to think of the situation more seriously, but Licht simply enjoying his melons, leading Lawless to shout out for his oldest brother to save him. While waiting for Kuro, the C3 research team pulls a prank that tells them whoever win five times strike will be allowed to leave the room and provides them with a toy hammer to hit the loser, which doesn't sit well with Lawless who knew they are being played around while Licht willingly hit Lawless with the toy hammer, leading the two to bicker. After his many attempts to make C3 allow him to meet his brother, he is finally given permission to meet Kuro, Mahiru, Misono, Hugh, and Tetsu. Misono reveals to everyone that ever since Lily lost the djinns inside him, not only he spent most of his times sleeping, Misono also notices that Lily's body is growing smaller and weaker.

Greed Pair and Sloth Pair ch 49

Lawless becomes scared of his fate.

The knowledge scares Lawless who fears he will share the same fate if he doesn't regain his power soon. Kurumamori then proposes for them to be checked by a doctor that maybe able to restore their powers in exchange they help him to save Tsurugi from Touma's influence. Lawless quickly refuses the request after what C3 had done to them, but Kuro and the others agrees because they don't have much choices at the moment, forcing Lawless to comply as well. As told by Kurumamori, Lawless, Licht, Misono, and Lily goes to meet the doctor, Johan, who welcomes them by happily saying he can't wait to start experiments on them, scaring Lawless who thinks he is going to die. While Johan starts experimenting Lily, Lawless searches through the C3 database in effort to get away from the doctor and by a chance finds the location of the room where his sister, the Servamp of Wrath, The Mother, is being kept.

Greed Pair ch 55

Lawless hiding behind Licht while apologizing to his sister.

After Tsurugi Kamiya went on a rampage in the C3 headquarter, Lawless, Licht, Hugh, and Tetsu finds Mahiru and Kuro bound by Tsurugi's technique, rendering them unable to move. After hearing the situation, Lawless and Licht promised to stop Tsurugi on behalf of Mahiru and Kuro who were no longer able to fight. Mahiru lends Lawless the ID Card given to him so they will have easier access to each floor and room. When they finally able to find the room, however, the room needs three digit codes to enter and then there's a blackout. Thinking it's Licht's fault for randomly pressing the buttons, they have another fight until the light is back and the door opens. Lawless and Licht finds The Mother who is able to get out of her own, and he apoloizes for being noisy due to Licht's usual angel pose, but The Mother thinks it's funny. Lawless quickly asks for her help but she revealed that her Eve had died of old age.

The Mother and Lawless ch 56

Lawless pleads to his sister to lend him her assistance.

Despite knowing this, Lawless still pleaded for her to join the fight in order to save her subclasses and stop the enemy for the sake of Mahiru who saved both him and Kuro. She stated that Lawless had grown up since last time, something that Lawless bashfully denies by saying vampires doesn't age. She carries both Lawless and Licht as they proceeds to go to where Tsurugi is. When they arrived, the subclasses has defeated Tsurugi by drowning him into the bottom of elevator, panicking Lawless. The subclass questions Lawless if he is going to save the magician who has killed many of their kinds, and for once, Lawless can't retort. Licht volunteers to save Tsurugi, which Lawless immediately objects, so The Mother volunteers to do it instead, jumping into the water without hesitation as Lawless and the others looks on. The building starts to shake and the ceiling fell, prompting Lawless and the others to escape from the place.


Kuro (Sleepy Ash)

Kuro and Lawless ep 11-11

Kuro and Lawless.

Before the incident regarding the request from C3, Lawless seems to have a good relationship with Kuro, being the only sibling to always call him "Brother". He also immediately came to Servamp family meeting once he heard Kuro wishes to hear all of their opinions despite initially fine with whatever the decision they make. Their relationship turned to worse after Kuro decided to kill their creator, something that Lawless greatly objected and he is the only sibling who never forgives Kuro for killing their creator. This resentment continues for hundreds of years; Lawless always mocks Kuro by continuously reminding him of his past action and he hates how Kuro and his other siblings all just want to forget it, which leads to a fierce battle between the two. Kuro doesn't hate Lawless for this, but it doesn't stop him form becoming angry whenever Lawless tries to reveal the past. After Kuro decides to face his problem, he apologized to Lawless by thanking him for not forgiving him, which surprised Lawless, but the Servamp of Greed nevertheless accepted his apology as he realises that he actually just couldn't understand Kuro's decision at that time and acted the way he did to cope with it. Since then, the two became closer, especially since the two turn out to have some things in commons such as teasing Mahiru's simplicity in particular. Lawless also becomes attached to his brother more than the other siblings.

Licht Jekylland Todoroki

Licht and Lawless ep 11

Licht and Lawless.

Lawless and Licht have a complicated relationship. Licht claims that he hates Lawless for being a vampire and it's his duty as an angel to kill him. Licht mostly refers to his Servamp as "rotten hedgehog" and gives him verbal abuse by telling him to die, while kicking him around. Lawless, on the other hand, is interested in Licht and claims one of the reasons he hasn't killed Licht and sought a new Eve yet is because he is amused by the fact Licht is a denpa (a Japanese term for someone disconnected from reality, a reference to Licht's belief that he is an angel). Lawless often likes to tease Licht for this, which earns him a beating from his Eve, though Lawless usually doesn't mind it, though he is also annoyed by Licht who he thinks acts like he knows everything about him despite not understanding him. This is proven to be true as Licht realises that Lawless is running away from his problem and he helps him realise what he truly wants, which also changes Lawless' initial opinion about him. At this time, it is shown that both care for each other to a certain extent and are able to fight well together as partners.


Ep 10 lawless ophelia

Lawless and Ophelia.

Ophelia is one of Lawless' previous Eves. Lawless was taken care of by Ophelia since she was a child after she saved and accepted him, and Lawless slowly fell in love with her. Ophelia seems to return his feelings, especially when she called him her "Romeo". Unfortunately, Ophelia's wish to bring peace for her country and the enemy's country prevents the two from being together. Despite Lawless' wish to save her, his love for Ophelia was strong enough to make him unable to ignore her feelings and he respected her wish, something that Ophelia was grateful for. After her death, Lawless stayed at Ophelia's statue as he went into deep depression, which eventually drove him to devalue human lives. This persisted for hundreds of years until Licht helped him to let go of chasing after the shadow of Ophelia's desire, finally coming to terms with her death while still remembering her.

Abilities and Skills


  • Like the other Servamps, Lawless is capable of swapping between an animal form and a human form, and will revert to his animal form when in sunlight. His animal form is that of a small black-spiked hedgehog with three distinctive white spikes, he is capable of speech while in hedgehog form.
Lawless ep 6-14

Lawless' Rapier.


  • Lawless is capable of creating a rapier from his scarf. He has an excellent swordsmanship, able to massacre all of the 2,000 subclasses that Tsubaki had sent to kill him by himself.
Higan and Lawless ep 11-1

Jekyll and Hyde.

Phantom Lawless ep 11-1

Phantom of the Opera.


  • Jekyll & Hyde - This technique allows Lawless to instantly switch his position with Licht. Since Lawless is immortal and has more resistance towards attack, Lawless switches with Licht to block the opponent's attack when the opponent try to counter Licht's attack. And then, Licht who has switched place with Lawless, once again attacks the opponent who is unable to move due to Lawless' block.
  • Phantom of the Opera - Licht plays his piano to give Lawless a power boost. While Licht is playing his piano, Lawless' scarf becomes a long black suit and he is wearing a white mask like Phantom of the Opera.


  • Physical Strength: 7/10
  • Tactics: 7/10
  • Spirit of Cooperation: 5/10
  • Mental: 1/10
  • Outward Appearance: 10/10
  • Acting Ability: 8/10


  • His given name is "The One and Only".
  • His contract item is a handcrafted necklace with his current name, Hyde, carved on it made by Licht.
  • He loves raw ham and cheese.
  • His favorite drink is a double Espresso.
  • His interests include watching live theater (especially BYTE- backyard theater ensemble) and working side jobs.
  • His favorite place in Japan is Shibuya.
  • He hates dry, rough skin.
  • His favorite color is gold.
  • His given name "Hyde" seems to allude to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, especially because his Eve (Licht Jekylland Todoroki) has the name "Jekyll" in it. This gives them the attack "Jekyll and Hyde."
  • In the first popularity poll he came tenth with 1215 votes, despite only being introduced five chapters prior.
  • His star-sign is Cancer.
  • During summer, he usually wears pyjamas with a comfortable texture and cute design that fits his cute self.
  • During summer, he likes to eat summer-limited mango parfait and white peach sherbet.
  • When asked what he thought Lawless' good points were Licht said he has none and that all of his points are bad.