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Licht Jekylland Todoroki (リヒト・ジキルランド・轟 Rihito・Jikirurando・Todoroki), also refered to as Licht Todoroki, is a famous pianist from Austria who thinks he's an angel. He is the Eve of "Lawless", the Servamp of Greed.


He is a slightly tall boy with black hair that has a small strand of white hair on the left side of his head. His eyes are grey (blue in the anime), and he's normally seen with an annoyed expression.


Although Licht is already 18 years old, he often behaves like a naive child. He thinks himself of an angel and means it; he seems to be far off reality and is often described as a denpa. Since he considers himself as an angel, he is very violent towards vampires that he refers as demons in general, having no hesitation to attack them. When it comes to it, he even has a very short temper and usually attack first without thinking.

Behind his violent words and actions, he has soft spot for small animals and always referring them with suffix "-san", which is the reason he initially picked up Lawless in his hedgehog form. In fact, one of his childhood dreams is to have an ability to speak with animals.

Although he is still a child at heart, there are times he can be sharp and aware, particularly regarding Lawless. He believes that if people want something and working towards it they can be unique. Licht preserves with his aspiration and has the strong constitution to follow through with his goals. 


Licht was raised by his parents in Austria, Vienna (German:Wien). His mother is a international celebrated pianist from Austria and his father a star violinist who originally came from Japan but was raised in France. Since his early childhood Licht loved to play the piano and was very good at it. According to Licht, he continues to play piano because he promised a friend.

Child Licht ep 8-2

Child Licht became nervous when he heard his parents came to watch his concert.

Once, when his parents for the first time came to watch his piano concert, he was happy but also nervous at the same time. He was so nervous that his hair turned white and his moves became rigid while walking towards the piano. Fortunately, his hard work was paid off as he played skilfully, leading to the concert's success. Afterwards, although his hair became black again, one part of his hair remains white.

Greed ep 7

Licht picks up Lawless

Years later, half a year before the main story, while touring, Licht found a hedgehog in Boston, United States of America, who took interest in him on his way back and initially loved it. He named him "Hyde" and but did not understand the circumstances that he put himself in. He left his room for the concert and when he came back, he found a young man standing in his room who turned out to be the hedgehog he originally picked up, the Servamp of Greed by the name of Lawless. By accident, Licht formed a contract with him. After realising he was being tricked by the vampire, Licht quickly tried to kill him. Licht believes that he has to kill and purify the demons but Lawless pokes fun at him since he fully believes that he is an angel. Since Licht cannot be separated from Lawless at certain distance due to their contract, Licht reluctantly allowed Lawless to follow him, and from then on the two always get into a fight with each other.


First meeting

Licht comes to Japan because a relative of Licht's wanted to organize a concert in Tokyo. So he, alongside Lawless and his manager Rosen Crantz, travel to Tokyo. Licht does not know that the so called "relative" is an impostor and actually Tsubaki.

Licht and Mahiru ep 6-1

Licht clashes with Mahiru.

The evening before the concert, Licht is in town after having a karaoke and is then followed by Mahiru Shirota and Kuro. However, Licht eventually realizes this and confronts the two, questioning whether they are angel or demon. Using his Lead, he finds out that Kuro is a vampire and attacks him. Mahiru puts a stop to his attack, demanding Licht to free Lawless who was inside a cage. The two about to clash again until Lawless frees himself from the cage and tells the three of them that he tricked Kuro, Mahiru, and also his Eve Licht because it would be funny if Licht and Kuro fought. Licht gets mad and kicks Lawless for this; he also tells Mahiru that he doesn't like his Servamp and is searching for a way to kill him, questioning the Sloth Eve. When Mahiru reveals that Servamp will lose their power if their contract item is destroyed, Licht contemplated on killing Lawless that way before he leaves, not slightest bit interested in working together with the other Eves and Servamps.

Showdown in the Opera

Lawless, Licht, and Kuro ep 6-1

Licht stops the fight between Lawless and Kuro.

While Licht performs at his concert in Tokyo's Opera City Hall, they are attacked by Tsubaki's subclasses, but all of them were slaughtered by Lawless. The only one who survived were Berkia and Lilac who managed to escape. Licht did not really recognize what happened while he was playing and shouts at Lawless, telling him that he was too noisy while he was trying to play the piano and attacks the Servamp, and Lawless attacks back, injuring Licht. The eve retaliates by kicking Lawless and Kuro while the two are fighting, pinning Lawless to the ground and tuck Kuro to the wall with Mahiru's Lead. He then summons his piano and shows the memories of those who listen to his play. This brought back bad memories to Lawless who tries to attack Licht again, but the pair are stopped by Lawless' subclass, Guildenstern. While being tended by Gil, Licht observes the action that Mahiru takes regarding Lilac, and states that Mahiru is no good. Mahiru asks Licht to help him control his Lead, but Licht refuses since Mahiru is helpless at his current state.

Licht ep 7-1

Licht gets injured fighting against Higan.

After the concert, Licht goes to sing karaoke all night long. When he wants to return to the hotel, however, he realizes that he feels his body is getting weaker, nearly can't walk anymore and phones Crantz, asking him where Lawless is, assuming that they were too far apart. The suddenly weakened Licht is attacked by Higan, the strongest fighter of Tsubaki's Subclass. Although Licht can fight him quite well, he is still hurt badly due to his weaken condition and is easily cornered, but he remains insistence that he can defeat the vampire. Mahiru and Kuro come to his aid, but just when Kuro is about to attack, he melts into a mysterious ball. Licht protects Mahiru when Higa turns his attention to the latter. Licht creates a large piano and plays it in walking over it. While fighting against Higan, with its music, he encourages Mahiru to fight, telling him: the question is not if he wants to become someone but who he wants to become. Despite his best, Licht is beaten by Higan and he is taken to Tsubaki's hideout.


Licht ep 9-1

Licht captured.

Tsubaki keeps Licht and Lawless imprisoned in different room but side by side, and the two can hear each other's voice since they are nearby. They at first think they only hear each others voices in their heads but realize that they really are not that far from each other. They starts to argue - they talk about what happens if Licht dies here, but for Licht, dying is out of question. Lawless then states that Licht is just a nobody and everyone will eventually forget about him if he dies since out there are still other pianists who will be cheered. Licht retorts that he is unique and finally questions what is Lawless actually trying to run away from, enraging the Servamp. As the argument escalates, Licht loses his patience and frees himself from his bind, destroying the wall between him and Lawless as he tells the Servamp that he doesn't care if he is immortal or not, he will kill him because it's his duty as an angel.

Ep 10 licht

Licht summons his Lead against Lawless.

Lawless frees himself from his bind as well, accepting Licht's challenge, leading to their fight. Even though he is more injured, Licht is still proven to be a difficult opponent for Lawless, easily dodges the Servamp's attack and lands a hard kick towards him. Lawless tries to stop the fighting by saying that they are themselves, but Licht merely scoffs his statement, explaining that Lawless never represents the sin he embodies. He further points out that Lawless who doesn't aim for anything nor wishing for anything has no right to talk about self since he doesn't make any effort in anything. This causes Lawless to lose himself and engulfs Licht into his memories. After watching his memories, Licht performs his piano play and through it, he helps Lawless realize what he really feels and what he really wants. Using their power as Servamp and eve, both breaks through their prison just as Higan arrives.

Licht and Higan ep 11

Licht uses his Lead to send vibrations throughout Higan's body.

Licht and Lawless able to avoid Higan's attack by swapping their positions so Licht can land a hit towards Higan. Realising their tactic, Higan grazes Licht and licks his blood, changing himself back to his younger form that easily overpowers Licht and Lawless. Higan offers Lawless Licht's survival if the Servamp lick his shoes, but Licht tells Lawless not to take the bait and retorts that Higan should be the one who do so, though Licht quickly retracts his word since it feels disgusting. While Higan is holding him, Licht draws a piano on Higan's arm to activate his Lead, sending vibration to Higan's body. Licht then summons his piano and plays "Phantom of the Opera", giving a necessary power boost for Lawless to finally defeat Higan.

Licht and Lawless ep 11-2

Licht and Lawless got exhausted after defeating Higan.

As both fell from exhaustion, Licht tells Lawless who is lamenting that he should have fought in the past, that thinking "could have fought" has no meaning now because all that matters is the present and he must fight now. Mahiru and the others then came, surprised that the Greed Pair have defeated Higan. Licht asks Mahiru did he come to listen to his piano, but when Mahiru answers that he came to save him for sure, Licht notices the change in Mahiru and acknowledges him. While being tended by Mahiru, Lawless reveals his current name and contract item to Mahiru and Kuro, and Licht kicks him as he perceives that Lawless dislike his hand carved necklace. Their happy moments are interrupted by Lilac who snatches the necklace, still vengeful against Lawless for killing his friends. The situation worsens when Tsubaki arrives. Licht attempts to take back the contract item, but is stopped by Lawless who is aware that they can't do anything with their current condition. Despite Kuro's effort, Tsubaki succeeds in destroying Lawless' contract item, and Licht can only watch as huge amount of Djinns comes out from Lawless' body, weakening him.

C3 Tokyo HQ

Licht and Lawless ch 40-1

Licht happily eats his melon.

After the incident, Licht and Lawless are under C3 observation and protection, so they are not allowed to leave the country. To ensure their protection, Licht and Lawless stays at Mahiru's apartment for the time being. When C3 magicians, Tsurugi, Jun, and Yumikage comes to pick them up, Licht initially refuses to go with them, but he easily gets lured by the promise of being allowed to eat melons. Tsurugi gives him the map where the melons are placed, which lead him to C3 HQ with Lawless who was trying to stop him in vain following him. Arriving at C3 HQ, Licht happily eats the melons he is given while his Servamp is distresses that they are now confined in C3. Lawless tries to explain to Licht how suspicious the situation is, but Licht has no qualms with it because he is confident he will be okay since he is an angel.

Licht and Guilderstern ch 42

Licht is shocked to find out Guilderstern's true appearance.

They are then provided with an instruction that tells them to do rock-paper-scissor, and the one who win five times in row first will be allowed to leave. Lawless knows this is just a prank but Licht is more than happy to do as the instruction said, leading the two to bicker. They are then contacted by an old man who knows them, prompting Licht to ask who he is, and was shocked when Lawless reveals that the man is none other than Guilderstern who always wearing the Whale mascot costume. Sometimes afterwards, Lawless suddenly doesn't feel well and thinks he is dying, so Licht decides to play his piano as a parting gift, which only annoyed Lawless. This is revealed to be an act so he can meet Kuro and Mahiru, but C3 knows this. Regardless, Jun allows Licht and Lawless to meet the other Servamps and eves.

Licht and Lawless ch 47

Licht tells Lawless he is going to die if he doesn't do anything.

While discussing about what will happen to Servamps who lost their power, Kuro and the others agrees to temporarily work with C3 after Jun suggests a doctor that may help them regaining their power. Lawless objects the idea, but Licht points out that he going to die if he doesn't do anything so he has little choice in the matter, prompting Lawless to agree. Licht, Lawless, Misono, and Lily goes to the doctor introduced by Jun, Johann, who is revealed to be a researcher who has an obsession to experiment on vampires, leading Lawless and Licht to run way from the researcher while he was examining Lily. At the same time, Tsurugi Kamiya went on a rampage in the C3 headquarter after several subclasses escaped from their confinements. Licht and Lawless, who decided not to participate in Johann's experiment together with Tetsu and Hugh, found Mahiru and Kuro who were no longer able to fight due to the restraints spell inflicted by Tsurugi. After hearing the situation, they promised that they will stop Tsurugi.

The Mother and Greed Pair ch 56-1

Licht tells The Mother that angel apprentice must save a fallen angel.

While looking for the Servamp of Wrath, The Mother, they are unable to open one of the rooms without a code, so Licht tries to enter what he thinks is the right code. A black out occurs as he tries this, causing another argument between the Greed Pair until the lights comes back and the door opens. Licht and Lawless manages to find The Mother. Lawless tries to explain the situation, which Licht interprets to The Mother that angel apprentices like them must save a fallen angel, prompting Lawless to finally introduced Licht as his denpa eve to The Mother and she can just ignore him. By the time they arrived, however, The Mother's subclasses, Gil and Ray, have already defeated Tsurugi by throwing him into the depths of elevator where he is drowning. Licht attempts to jump into the water to save Tsurugi, but The Mother offers herself to save the magician and jumps. The ceiling starts to crumble, prompting Licht and the vampires to escape from the place.

Abilities & Skills

Hyde and Licht ep 10

Licht's Black Boots.


  • Black Boots - Licht's first Lead is a pair of black boots. These boots are Licht's primary weapons to fight for offensive purpose. The boots not only increases Licht's kicks, but also increases his speed and agility, allowing him to move fast that makes him look as if he is flying. The hit from the black boots also slow down the healing times of vampires.
    Ep 6 licht 1

    Licht's Piano.

  • Piano - Licht's second Lead is a piano. This piano enables Licht's piano play to give various effects to his opponent depending on the song he is playing. He is also able to create piano keyboard so he can play while attacking his opponent. This can also be done by drawing the keyboard on his opponent's body, making their body a piano and send sound vibrations throughout their body to immobilize them. In Lawless' case, he is able to give Lawless a power boost when fighting.


  • Paralysis - Licht plays his piano to paralyse his opponent's body. So far, this technique only works on vampires. Licht uses this technique to find out which is human and which is vampire.
  • Flashback - Licht plays his piano to show the past memories of his opponents.
  • Jekyll and Hyde - Licht and Lawless are able to instantly switch places while fighting their opponent. Licht attacks his opponent first, and when his opponent tries to counter his attack, he instantly swaps places with Lawless who is already prepared on his defence stance to block the attack, giving Licht the opportunity to land a blow against their opponent.
  • Phantom of the Opera - Licht plays the Phantom of the Opera song that gives Lawless a power boost.


  • Strength: 6/10
  • Tactics: 3/10
  • Cooperativeness: 0/10
  • Mental: 10/10
  • Appearance: 8/10
  • Artistic Ability: 10/10


  • His favorite color is silver
  • Unlike Mahiru and Misono, Licht's contract chain is connected to his right ankle rather than right wrist like them.
  • He likes cream soda, melon, and kakigori (Japanese crushed ice) and cotton candy.
    • According to Lawless he described eating kakigori as “like taking me to the clouds of heaven and over the melting rainbow,” while he described eating cotton candy as “like sprinkling the clouds of heaven with stars at the base of the night sky.
  • His hobbies are the piano, karaoke and climbing trees.
  • He does not like jetlag and "rotten hedgehog".
  • His name "Licht" is the German/dutch word for "Light".
  • He is nicknamed "Violence Angel-chan" (Baiorensu Tenshi-chan) by Kuro due to his tendency to use brute force while claiming himself to be an angel.
  • He is bad at volleyball since he can't control his power: in the summer vacation drama CD he went to hit Lawless with the ball but instead hit Misono.
  • His favorite street in Japan is Harajuku.
  • He named his Servamp Hyde - which is a pun due to the fact that his first surname is "Jekylland" so taking this name and Hyde you get "Jekyll-and Hyde" what refers to the book "Jekyll and Hyde" -> Dr. Jekyll has a second personality which kills people in town.)
  • In winter Drama CD it was revealed that he can't handle even the tiniest amount of alcohol and managed to get drunk from eating chocolate that had some liquor in it.
  • He is sometimes referred to as being a denpa; a Japanese term for someone who is disconnected from reality. This is due to his frequent claims of being an angel. Lawless has stated that his amusement at this fact is one of the reasons he's kept him around as his master for so long.
  • In the English version of the manga he is mistakenly referred to as being 'Australian' rather than 'Austrian'.
  • In Drama CD, he takes quick liking at Kuro and Tsubaki in their animal forms, affectionally calling them "Neko-san" (Mr. Cat) and "Kitsune-san" (Mr. Fox) respectively, and this continues even after knowing they are vampires.
  • In the first popularity poll he tied for seventh with Tetsu with 1535 votes each, despite only being introduced five chapters prior.
  • During summer, he always wears silk pyjamas because "For an angel who needs his wings even in times of rest, it would have to be angelic sleepwear that makes one feel like they are dissolving into clear, pure river stream." Lawless finds this fact hilarious.
  • According to Lawless his good point is his ability to play piano while his weak points and the one thing Lawless would like to change are his quick temper and how quick he is to kick Lawless around as a result of that temper.
  • In the Land of Nod Crantz tells Mahiru that Licht can not only play the piano but is also proficient at the violin.
  • His username on Servamphoto (a parody of Instagram) is i_am_an_angel.


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