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Mahiru & Kuro is the 1st chapter of the SERVAMP manga series.


Mahiru Shirota, 15 years old, hates complicated things and thinks that life should be simple. While out one day, he picks up a stray cat and names him Kuro.

Sakuya warning the others

Sakuya warns the others of vampires.

While at school, Mahiru's class decides to do a culture festival cafe. Mahiru, who has gained skills from living alone, does all the cooking and sewing.

Walking to the fabric store with his classmates, Sakuya, Ryusei, and Koyuki, Sakuya warns the group that a vampire lurks around there. His friends do not believe him and claim that he made it all up. Mahiru then diverges from the group, heading home.


The intruder, Kuro, in Mahiru's apartment.

Mahiru walks into his house to find a stranger eating and watching television. Mahiru questions the person and attacks them with a broom. The stranger swiftly dodges Mahiru's attempts. The intruder suddenly turns into a cat, much to Mahiru's confusion. The cat then turns back into a person and tells Mahiru to close the curtains because he hates sunlight. Mahiru asks who this stranger is and he replies that he is just your friendly neighborhood vampire.

Mahiru tries to throw the vampire out, but then remembers Sakuya's words and asks if he will be the vampire's next victim. The vampire replies that he does not have the energy. The vampire tells Mahiru that he will leave that night, but requests that Mahiru does not say his name while he is in his human form. Mahiru mistakenly calls his name, Kuro, and a contract is formed between the two. Kuro tells Mahiru that the contract is temporary and binds them. He says that they have to stay together or else. Kuro forgets why. He does know, however, that he cannot drink Mahiru's blood for 24 hours.

Kuro asks if Mahiru's parents hate cats. Mahiru explains that it's just him and his uncle, and that he lives alone mostly. Kuro further inquires about his parents and Mahiru tells him that his mother died a long time ago, and that he had no where to go until his uncle showed up.

Belkia at Mahirus apartment

Mahiru's apartment is broken into.

Mahiru suddenly remembers that he has to meet his friends. He cannot be separated from Kuro, so he takes him with him in his cat form. After Mahiru is out the door, he hears a sound but ignores it. The sound came from his apartment. Someone had smashed his window. This person remarks that they are at the right place, but no one is around.

Once Mahiru gets to Ryusei and Koyuki, he tells them that Kuro is a vampire. His friends tell him that Kuro is just a cat. They both wonder if Mahiru is okay.

Suddenly, the person who broke into Mahiru's apartment appears. He greets the three of them and asks them to check out his show. Koyuki is impressed that he is a magician. Ryusei remarks that magic is lame and wants to leave.

Ryusei bitten

The vampire biting Ryusei.

The man then grabs Ryusei and tells him that he has a question. He asks, "So why did I stop him? Choose one!" He then gives four answer choices. In order, they are, "1. He ignored me. 2. Walked past me. 3. I'm hungry! 4. He ignored me. Again." After this he bites into Ryusei's shoulder and says that the answer is all of the above. While Ryusei lay injured, he says that magic sucks, but vampires rule.

The vampire asks Mahiru which vampires he has. He explains that there are seven kinds and asks Mahiru if his is Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Envy, or Pride. He then states that Mahiru has the oldest one, the vampire of Sloth, Sleepy Ash.

The vampire tells Mahiru that he is their enemy. He calls out to Kuro and asks him to see who can kill the most and says that it will please Tsubaki.

Mahiru and Belkia

Mahiru attacks the vampire.

Kuro then kicks the vampire and tells Mahiru to run away as he does so himself. Kuro says he cannot fight the vampire, but Mahiru says that he is the only one who can.

The vampire begins getting impatient and wishes to kill again. He then sets his sight on Koyuki and starts to attack him. Before he can get to him, Mahiru jumps onto the vampire, feeling that he must do something to help.

During this, Mahiru remembers a time that "someone" came to help him. He remembers his mother's death and that he had no where to go and that no one was willing to take him. Then, his uncle arrives and states that he will take him- he is his uncle after all.

Mahiru and Kuro

Kuro drinking Mahiru's blood.

Back in the present, Mahiru tells himself that now he is that "someone" and it's his turn to help. The vampire turns to strike Mahiru, but Kuro comes in to save him, getting stabbed in his place. Kuro says that he still cannot kill the vampire because he hasn't has blood for years. Kuro tells Mahiru to run off, but Mahiru is determined to save everyone.

At this time, Mahiru forces Kuro to drink his blood and tells him that they can win. After drinking Mahiru's blood, Kuro says that Mahiru is now his master.

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