Mikado Alicein (有栖院 御門, Arisuin Mikado) is Misono's and Mikuni's father. He is the head of the Alicein household and a businessman.


Mikado is likely an only child and raised as the only heir to the Alicein household. He was educated by Hattori-sensei and often lost playing chess to him, which always made him cry.

Later on he got married and became the father of Mikuni Alicein, his first son. Despite having a good marriage, he eventually fell in love with Mikuni's teacher (about 15-16 years prior to the storyline). The two of them had a relationship in secret and as a result she gave birth to Misono Alicein, Mikuni's half brother.

At first she left the mansion alongside her new born Misono and raised him alone. Yet, the two of them stayed in contact via letters and she sent Mikado photos of Misono. Once Mikado wanted to present her a pocket-watch, but she sent it back, because she considered it much too expensive.

Mikado loved Misono just as much as he loved Mikuni so he was very happy, when he saw that the two of them get along.

Later when he told Mikuni that he betrayed his mother, he seemed to be creeped by his son's cold reaction and the words that he despises his father.

Once she found out, Mikados wife became incredibly jealous of his affair and finally killed his mistress using Doubt Doubt. Her excuse was her envy and hatred towards Mikado, but out of regret she and Mikado decided to take care of Misono and raise him like their own child with all their love.

Later (7 years prior to the storyline) Mikado's wife attempted to kill Misono as well, but Mikuni was there to stop her. This resulted in her death. Mikado froze in shock when he heard about what happened. One of his servants told him that Mikuni and Doubt Doubt left the mansion after the murder and that Misono most likely saw everything.

From this day on, Mikado tried to erase this part of his past of his mind with all his might - he pretended as if Mikuni never existed and used All of love to manipulate his memories and stop Misono whenever he comes near the east wing of the mansion (the location of where Mikado's wife died).


After Misono was injured by Berkia, Mikado forbid him to leave the mansion - he tells him to never leave it again. All of his employees are ordered to not let anyone visit Misono and Lilly is ordered to keep it a secret that Mahiru and his friends try to visit him.

When Mahiru and the others finally make it inside the mansion, Mikado accompanies them and presents photos of Misono, when he was still a kid. Suddenly he fears anyone could lust after his son and yells at them - while doing so, he breaks his glasses. His secretary, Mitsuki Usami, brings a new pair and reminds him of his appointments. Mikado rather wants to ignore them, but Mitsuki glares at him and makes him not to.

He explains the group why the coexistence in their household is even possible - it's because no one interferes, and so Mahiru and his friends should go and leave Misono out of the war against Tsubaki. Otherwise, they won't be welcome anymore.

After Lilly is defeated by Otogiri and recovers, Misono wants to play chess against his father - and if he wins, he was allowed to leave the mansion. Misono uses his lead so Mikado will not be able to leave the "battle" until it's over.

Mikado finally loses to his son and allows him to go, further more he seems to recognize that Misono is not a child anymore and wants him to tell Mikuni to come back home.

Appearance and Personality

Mikado is a tall man with long brown hair that he wears as a ponytail. He also wears glasses and an expensive looking suit.

Mikado is a caring and loving father - regardless he also is pretty overprotective when it comes to Misono (Probably triggered by losing his wife, his affair, and Mikuni). He always fears to lose him, because he considers him his only remaining family.

He seems to be very sensitive and gets very angry if someone lusts after Misono (or rather - when he thinks someone lusts after him). While showing Mahiru and Kuro pictures of Misono during his childhood, he insists that they are ogling his son, much to their irritation. Mikado truly loves Misono and really did love Mikuni in the past, but in order to save Misono's soul, he decided to "forget" Mikuni. This may seems heartless on first sight, but he just wanted to make sure he wouldn't lose Misono too (because he feared Misono would not be able to bear the truth). Also when Misono beat him in chess, he tells him to beg Mikuni to come back - so he still cares for him.

Mikado seems to keep himself responsible for what happened and is filled with guilt. In the past it was seen when he tried to make up for it by raising Misono together with his wife. In the present, he denies Mikuni's existence and pretends Misono was his only son and does everything to protect him.

When he was a child, he would always cry when he lost to Hattori (in chess) so he was probably bad at losing. He also seems to be very childish nowadays as you see him giving everything when playing against Misono (even when he was still a child) out of fear he could lose to his son. (Yet - he often lost to Mikuni before).

Some of his character traits are seen in Mikuni's behavior, others in Misono's.


  • He was never able to beat Hattori, but his son Mikuni was.
  • Although he's the head of the household, he seems to be intimidated by Mitsuki.
  • The Kanji of his first name means "Emperor".
  • He does not appear in the anime series, but he makes his anime debut in Alice in the Garden (Film) - he can be seen in the trailer


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