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Misono Alicein (有栖院 御園 Arisuin Misono) is a 15 year-old boy and the youngest member of the Alicein household. He is the Eve of the seventh Servamp, Lust, Snow Lily.


Settei misono.jpg

Misono has short, dark purple hair which is parted away from his face in the middle with a long strand of hair sticking up. His eyes are narrowed and purple like his hair. His form is small, slim and frail. He is the shortest out of all the main characters, excluding Hugh. He is often described as a pretty boy, even by Sakuya.

He is usually seen wearing his school uniform from Mikato Ichinose Academy. It consists of a jacket with the right side being black with a white inverted cross and the left side being purple with the same cross but black. It also has a white trim. He has a white long sleeved shirt underneath. He wears black slacks and black dress shoes.


At first meet, he seems to be arrogant, impolite and cold towards others. This only covers up his otherwise kind and caring personality. Despite his offbeat and arrogant character, Misono is shown to care for his friends deeply.

Because he was very lonely in his childhood without a single friend, he now cherishes his new friends very much, especially Mahiru Shirota, who was his first true friend. Mahiru understands this, and disregards Misono's aloof nature knowing that he cares for him all the same.

He's a very weak constitution and proves to be extremely sensitive about his height and health. What he hates the most is that it's usually him who is being protected by others. To remedy this, he wants to get stronger so that he is able to protect everyone. He is extremely bullheaded and always wants to get his way - he only accepts the answers he wants to hear.

Misono is a very caring guy and always worried about his friends. He likes to be an adult, but actually acts in many ways like a child - which is also fault of his father who wants to prevent him from become an adult. Mikado always tries to keep Misono safe in his garden; he still sees him as a child. As a result, Misono goes to bed early (and can't stay awake much longer than 9-10 pm), still believes in Santa Claus and is often treated like a child.

Misono is a spoiled character and is afraid of many things little kids are afraid of like darkness, getting snow into his clothes, or bubbles into his eyes. Because he never had friends in his childhood and was overprotected, he doesn't know most games which kids play, such as a snow ball fight. However, he never admits to ignorance and always pretends that he just wants to confirm that his knowledge of the rules are right.

When he was a child he was a very friendly and happy child according to what Mikuni and Mikado say. He in fact did love his older brother, Mikuni, yet he calls him "idiot" or "bastard" after the incident that forced Mikuni's leave.


Baby Misono and his mother.

Misono is born as the son of Mikado Alicein and Mikuni's teacher who were having an affair. In his first years he was raised by his mother until she was murdered by Mikuni's mother out of jealousy. While Mikuni's mother killed his mother, she didn't kill him because she knew that Misono has done nothing wrong, so she and her husband decided to take care of Mikuni as their own son as atonement for the murder. Misono soon became close with his older brother, both often played together. Mikado and his wife wanted to love Misono just as they loved their other son, but Mikuni's mother wasn't able to. She tried to hide it, but deep inside she felt jealousy towards Misono as well.

One day Mikuni's mother couldn't fight her jealousy any longer and she tried to kill Misono. However, Mikuni killed her before she is able to harm his little brother. Misono just walked into the room, when he saw the scenario, leaving him traumatized at the sight. After Mikuni and his Servamp, Doubt Doubt, left the house, Mikado ordered Lily to erase Misono's memories of that scene and manipulate them so that he doesn't know why his brother really left the house. Without these memories of the past, Misono is able to live a happy childhood. Whenever Misono tries to get near to the east wing of their villa, Lily manipulates his thoughts so that Misono forgets where he wanted to go. All of the employees in the Alicein household are forbidden to talk about Mikuni, and Mikado pretends that Misono is his first and only son, though Misono does know about the existence of his elder brother.

Child Misono formed contract with All of Love.

Another day, after his grandfather has passed away, Misono found All of Love walking alone in the garden and called out to him with the name given by his grandfather, but All of Love didn't respond since his eve has died until Misono approached him directly. As he lamented that his brother and grandfather left him, Misono gave All of Love the old watch he inherited from his grandfather and renamed him "Snow Lily". The contract is made, and Lily serves his new eve, Misono, who orders him to protect the Alicein house.

Due to his weak physique Misono mostly is kept inside the villa - he even has a house teacher named Hattori. Nevertheless he later attents a private school, but doesn't make any friends due to the same reason.


Misono first appears in chapter 4 where he has sent Mahiru Shirota a message to get in contact with him. He visits Mahirus school and "kidnaps" him with the help of two of Lily's subclass. They get Mahiru inside the car and drive to the Alicein household. Here, Misono attempts to persuade Mahiru to hand his Servamp Kuro over to him and threatens him with violence. Kuro and Mahiru flee into a room of Lily's subclass. Lily explains to them that it is Tsubaki's first goal to kill the subclass of the Servamps, and Misono needs to become stronger in order to fight Tsubaki. Kuro would be able to help Misono become stronger, but Mahiro is able to convince Misono that their goals are the same and that they should work together.



Sweet Dreams:

  • Misono's lead is a chair.


  • The Execution Block of the Red Queen: He and Lily are shown to flank their target then activate the weapon. Once it is activated, the opponent is sat down in the chair unable to move. Lily can then slice the opponent with his scythe. When Lily does this, the opponent's body is unharmed, but their soul is damaged. When they are not fighting, Misono is often seen sitting in his Lead because he is so fragile and lacks the energy to stand.


  • Strength: 1/10
  • Tactics: 8/10
  • Cooperativeness: 6/10
  • Mental: 6/10
  • Appearance: 9/10
  • Leadership: 8/10


All of Love

Misono and Lily.

Snow Lily was formerly his Grandfather’s Servamp until he passed away which enabled Misono to ‘inherit’ him; using the watch he inherited from his grandfather Misono gave him a new name and formed a contract. They have a close relationship; Snow Lily would often tease Misono and made sure he was taken cared for. In turn, Misono has shown to care for Snow Lily, and trusts him greatly. It could be seen that Snow Lily was protective over Misono, to an extent that he would manipulate his memories in order for him to never find out the truth about his birth. 

Mahiru Shirota

On their first meeting Misono demand that Mahiru should hand over Kuro to them, however Mahiru's refusal prompted a fight. As Mahiru and Kuro tried to escape their attacks, they ended up into a room filled with Snow Lily’s subclasses, which revealed that Misono wanted Kuro’s power to defeat Tsubaki. To Misono’s shock Mahiru offered to form an alliance, to which he agreed. Later, as they were discussing on gathering the other Servamps, Misono suddenly fell over, unconscious, shocking Mahiru in the process, however, his worry was short as Snow Lily explained that Misono falls asleep at nine'o clock. Before leaving, Mahiru asked to exchange contact information, and told Misono to contact him if anything happens. Afterwards, it could be seen that Misono was helping Mahiru train with his Lead, it was also on that day that Mahiru promised to introduce Misono to his other friends, which entails that Mahiru also saw him as friend. Although at first he was reluctant, but later on Misono accepted their friendship and have become close.

He also felt ashamed that he was unable to protect Mahiru, which prompted his desire to become stronger. It could also be observed that he becomes genuinely concerned for Mahiru’s well-being, and would sometimes scold him for acting without a plan. It would also seem that Misono wanted to impress Mahiru, one such occasion was during their fight with Sakuya and Berkia; when they managed to subdue Berkia, Snow Lily teased Misono saying “The practice paid off, after all you wanted to impress Mahiru”, to which Misono demanded him to shut up. Aside from his concern for Mahiru’s safety, he also seems to worry about Mahiru’s feelings, which Sakuya exploited in order to trick Misono into releasing his power.

Tetsu Sendagaya

Tetsu and Misono overall has a friendly relationship. They sometimes have a one-sided bickering, particularly whenever Tetsu refers Misono as "shortie" instead of "Big Bro" like he does to Mahiru even though Misono and Mahiru are the same age. Tetsu trusts Misono's reasoning and planning. He was even fine with leaving the plan-making up to Misono, even when Tetsu's own life could be at risk, because he had faith that Misono would come up with a good plan and Tetsu would just follow it through. Tetsu also looks up to Misono in a way. Misono has the leadership qualities he himself lacks, the confidence in his own skills, the willpower and also the brains to back it all up. Misono reaches out to Tetsu and relies on him. The two make up for what the other lacks, in terms of strength and in terms of personality. Misono is physically weak but has the mind of an adult, even though he has extremely bad social skills. Tetsu is tall and strong and fears responsibility, but has high emotional intelligence. The two of them work well as a pair.



  • Misono's family name was thought to be spelled "Alisuin" until an official illustration of STRIKE Tanaka showed that it is indeed written "Alicein". However, in the official English versions of the manga it is written as 'Arisuin'. This is most likely because the name is written in Kanji instead of the Katakana that is usually used to write foreign names.
    • In keeping with Tanaka Strike's preferred presentation, this wiki will continue to use the "Alicein" spelling.
  • He is nicknamed "Bastard-chan" (Kisama-chan) by Kuro because he always refers other people as "Kisama" in Japanese.
  • He likes to play chess or reading in the garden.
  • He dislikes PE and Arts at school.
  • He is not able to swim according to himself in the Drama CD.
  • According to the official fan book, he is good at leadership, but pretty bad at physical strength.
  • His favorite food is Fondant au chocolate.
  • His favorite drink is chocolate milk.
  • He knows how to ride a horse.
  • He prefers ice tea after a bath.
  • He has very low stamina and gets tired easily.
  • His bedtime is 9 p.m and he will pass out at exactly that time. This is later improved to 10 p.m.
  • He attends a high class and most likely expensive school, Mikato Ichinose Academy.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • His nickname given by Sakuya, "Ahoge", literally means "foolish hair", but it's also a reference to the large strand sticking upward.
  • According to Yamane and omake chapter, he still believes in Santa Claus.
  • In volume 2 4-koma chapter, he originally tried to tell Snow Lily to cover up when he offered to show some skin. But by age 13, he just started yelling at him.
  • In the first popularity poll he came fourth with 1830 votes.
  • His birthday is on Valentine's Day.
  • His star-sign is Aquarius.
  • He dislikes crowds.
  • His favorite subject at school is foreign languages.
  • He does not participate in any club activities at school.
    • This is probably because most clubs are sport based.