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Mitsuki Usami (宇佐美三月) is a resident of the Alicein Manor and the assistant of Mikado Alicein.


Mitsuki is a young, human woman. She has brown eyes and long brown hair with bangs. Mitsuki is skinny and of average height. She wears a black vest over a white long sleeve undershirt and pink tie. She also wears a black skirt with sheer purple tights underneath. Mitsuki has pink hair accessories that stick up behind her head. She keeps a very tidy and neat appearance fitting for her occupation.


While working Mitsuki she is seen to be very solemn. She takes her job seriously and often pushes Mikado into working, which scares him due to her glaring. She also has love idols and likes to watch them on television. Mitsuki is easily embarrassed and is not afraid to defend herself in verbal or physical fights. She often argues with Dodo over minor things.


Not much is known of Mistuki's background. It is stated by Dodo that the two of them were orphans before they were saved by Lily. She was then raised in the Alicein Manor.


Mitsuki makes her first appearance in chapter 18. She hands Mikado spare glasses after he breaks his. Mikado tells Mahiru and the others that she is his assistant ans she introduces herself. Mikado uses his guests' presence as an excuse to slack off from work and Mitsuki glares at him and calls his attention. Despite her terrifying nature, Mikado says she is harmless, even though he appears afraid of her.

While Mikado orders Dodo and Yamane to attack Mahiru, Kuro, and Tetsu, she stands by his side, watching.

When Misono wakes up and the Mansion and enters a dining room. he asks Mitsuki that if since she is here, will his father be home that day. Mitsuki says no, stating that his father was up late and will be sleeping in. Misono asks her if she is tired and she says she is fine with a smile.

Mitsuki and Dodo

Mitsuki and Dodo arguing.

Dodo then tells her to admit she woke up early just to watch an idol show she taped. He is annoyed and states that he heard giggles from Mitsuki's room. Mitsuki become embarrassed and says she is a fan of an idol named Pinkro-chan, stating he is awesome. Yamane tells Mitsuki to calm down and asks of Mikado's breakfast plans. She questions Mitsuki further and Mitsuki becomes overwhelmed and tells her to stop nagging her.

Mitsuki hitting Dodo

Mitsuki hitting Dodo.

Later, while walking through the halls, Misono spots Mitsuki and Dodo from a window. He sees Mitsuki chastising Dodo while holding a book, and then slapping him. By the time Misono makes his way over, Mitsuki has already left. He asks Dodo why she hit him and he says it is because he left a swimsuit magazine in the car. She had found it and Dodo claims she "went nuts."

When Misono is eavesdropping on Lily, Dodo, Yamane, and Mitsuki, he is found by Otogiri. Once he is revealed, Mitsuki is shocked that he heard them speak.

The real Lily then enters and Otogiri reveals herself and the faux Lily, who she is controlling. Mitsuki is ready for battle and tells Yamane that she is slipping by hiring an enemy maid. She pulls out a briefcase and takes her guns out. She declares that they can hold their own in a fight.

Mitsuki weapons

Mitsuki's guns.

Mitsuki then begins shooting at Otogiri, who dodges her bullets. She tells Lily to find Misono. Otogiri then decides to bind the enemies together. She takes control of Dodo, who she then makes restrain Mitsuki from behind and hold a knife to her neck. Mitsuki becomes embarrassed and Dodo apologizes, stating that Otogiri is controlling him. Dodo is then stabbed and Mitsuki worries for him.

Later, while speaking to Mahiru, Dodo states that Mitsuki is upset over the events that transpired.



  • Mitsuki fights wielding two guns. She keeps them in a briefcase and always has them handy.


  • Physical Strength: 4/10
  • Tactics: 6/10
  • Spirit of Cooperation: 6/10
  • Mental: 4/10
  • Outward Appearance: 6/10
  • Breasts: 2/10


  • "I'm a fan! Pinkro-chan is awesome!!" (Chapter 19, to Dodo)
  • "Don't nag me, okay?! I'm not a kid anymore!" (Chapter 19, to Hattori)
  • "Master Misono?! He heard?!" (Chapter 19)
  • "You're slipping, Yamane-san.. To hire an enemy maid!" (Chapter 19)



Contrasting her usual cool demeanor, Mitsuki is much more expressive around Dodo. This is due to their many arguments. Dodo teases her about her breast size and her love for idols. The two bicker over minor things and this often leaves Mitsuki embarrassed. Despite this, the two work well together and Mitsuki was worried for Dodo when he was injured by Otogiri. The pair grew up together in the mansion, as they were both saved by Lily.

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