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Miyako Tsukimitsu (月満 都湖) is the spouse of Tetsu's older sister. She's also the sibling of Iori Tsukimitsu and Yumikage Tsukimitsu and just like them, appears to be a magician.


Miyako has short hair with a light colour at the top and it becoming darker at the bottom. The tips seem to be black. She dresses feminine and also uses make-up, as well as accessories such as earrings. Besides this, Miyako has some masculine features, especially in her face.


Miyako seems to be a very laid-back and cool person. She's kind to others and seems to care about the business of Tetsu's family. Miyako also comes across as a person who's rather direct and openhearted. Miyako appears to be quite close to her in-laws, being quite familiar with Tetsu and simply calling her Father-in-law "Father".


Not much is known about her magic yet, however, she seem to be capable of healing magic. She's also able to cast a spell together with her brothers Iori and Yumikage, which teleports the people that the spell is casted on to a different location. This teleportation has an extremely long range, as they were able to teleport Mahiru and Kuro from Japan to London, England.


  • "I'm Tsukimitsu Miyako, Yumikage's big sister.♡ And also, the husband of Tetsu's sister. ♡"
  • "It reeks of the foul stench of men here!"
  • "It's not that I don't like seeing men in suits but, seeing so many gathered in one place, why, it's sure giving me a heartburn!"


  • She refers to herself as Yumikage's "big sister", however, Miyako also calls herself the "husband" of Tetsu's sister, hence why it's currently unclear if Miyako is transgender or a crossdresser. However, based on comments by Yumikage, as well as his reaction to Miyako calling herself his big sister, it is implied that Miyako was born male.
    • If Miyako is a crossdresser, this may be related to the Tsukimitsu family tradition of having male children crossdress until the age of 7 to confuse demons.
  • Miyako refers to herself using "atashi" (アタシ); typically an informal way of referring to oneself used by those who wish to appear feminine or cute, usually girls or young women.
    • Note: Due to this use of a feminine way of referring to oneself, the wiki will currently use feminine pronouns for Miyako until an official alternative is provided.


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