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Niccolo Carpediem (ニコロ カルペディエム Nikoro Karupediemu) is the current Eve of World End, the Servamp of Gluttony. He is the boss of the Carpediem mafia family.


Niccolo has long, black hair that he wears out and finishes past his waist. His eyes are of a deep green color. He seems to be of average height, standing roughly half a head shorter than World End. In his debut chapter he is seen wearing a long lightly-colored coat (similar to the scientist coat worn by Johannes Mimir Faustus) over a darkly colored suit. His suit is lacking a tie, and his undershirt has the top button undone with the top slightly opened.


Despite being the head of a mafia family, Niccolo is an extremely anxious person. He gets startled very easily and searches for protection from others. Niccolo's also rather shy when in conversation with others, for example when he asked Lawless if he remembers his Eves' names. Though this may be the case, he's shown to be determined in achieving his goals, such as pursuing Pride, and is even seen being serious when threatening others. He seems to care a lot about the Carpediem family and Illdio.


Weapon and Abilities

Although when we're first introduced to Niccolo we see him carrying a small, black hand-gun, it's later confirmed by Mikuni Alicein, the Eve of the Servamp of Doubt, that the gun itself is not Niccolo's Lead. Mikuni is actually the first one to figure out Nico's Lead, and he quickly explains what it's all about.

It turns out that the bullets, or better to say the nails that transform in the shape of bullets, are Niccolo's Lead. He also can easily trace the steps of the one he shot with the bullets. Mikuni also notes that the power of the shots decreases as their number increases.


World End/Ildio


  • "Pride lured one of my comrades into a trap...and killed them. For that reason, I also want that cowardly scum to receive a painful death..."


  • It was confirmed through the official SERVAMP Twitter that he is in fact Italian, which was previously inferred from his name and status as a mafia boss.
  • He's seen taking vitamins, maybe indicating that he's physically rather weak
  • His username on Servamphoto (a parody of Instagram) is CarpediemFamiglia.