"It is because I loved peace, as much as I could love it."

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Ophelia was a princess of a war-torn country and a previous Eve of Lawless, the Servamp of Greed.


Ophelia has green eyes and long, pale blonde hair, usually worn in a high ponytail held together by a red ornament with white feathers. She is usually seen wearing a full-length light green dress with a dark green belt, along with a white diamond patterned choker and a gold necklace in a sun shape with a red jewel at the centre.


Lawless and Ophelia ep 10-1

Young Ophelia picks up Lawless.

When she was young, Ophelia picked up Lawless and he became her Servamp. Ophelia was born as a princess to a country going through a feud with another. In an attempt to stop the fighting, she was to marry the prince of the neighboring country. When she tells Lawless, he proposes that they run away together to obtain freedom. She states that what she wants is not freedom, but peace for her country, so she declines Lawless' suggestion.

Lawless and Ophelia ep 10

Ophelia thanks Lawless for his understanding.

Despite this, war still broke out between the countries because the marriage was actually a ploy made by her kingdom. Lawless overhears the opposing country speak of murdering her as a warning. Lawless frantically begs Ophelia to run away together for a second time but to no avail. Ophelia states that now she wants peace not only for her own country, but also for the opposing country, so she decides to become a sacrifice so the two countries can reach peace. She thanks Lawless for his understanding, knowing that Lawless won't take what she wishes for, referring him as her one and only Romeo.

Ophelia ep 10-4

Ophelia's Statue of Peace.

At her execution, Ophelia announces that she is there of her own free will and asks the people observing the execution to remember her as a symbol of peace and for both countries to remain peaceful after her death. After her death, a statue was built in her honor as both countries finally reached the peace she had wanted. Lawless stays to guard her statue, guarding it both day and night. Unfortunately, both countries Ophelia had united was eventually destroyed by another bigger in country in a war.


Ophelia is free-spirited and fun-loving, but she also has many responsibilities as a princess. She is confident in herself and sees much value in peace. She decides that having a peaceful country is more important than her life, so she recognizes her duties and sacrifices herself. Despite rejecting Lawless's offer to run away with her, it is implied she returned the affections as she calls him her Romeo.


  • "What I want is peace for this country. I will become the symbol of peace. I will become the knot between these two countries."
  • "I am going to die for self-realization."
  • “And if you lament my death, please, people of both countries, after my death, everyone plant the flower of peace."


  • Ophelia might have been the one who brought Lawless to quote Shakespeare (as she did back then).
  • She is one of the few female Eves.
  • Ophelia is also a character from Shakespeare's drama Hamlet (A character torn between her father and Hamlet who she belives to love her. Near the end, she commits suicide and drowns in a river)


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