"That embarrasses me..."

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Otogiri (オトギリ) is one of Tsubaki's subclass. She is the only known female of the group.


Otogiri is a young woman who appears 20 years old. She has short, light purple hair and red eyes, due to being a vampire. Otogiri is very pale and short. She wears a short white dress with lilac trim a red flowers in her hair. She does not usually wear shoes and wears a black scarf around her ankle, signifying that she is a melancholy subclass. Otogiri is often seen with threads around her fingers.


Otogiri is very calm and rarely speaks. She is hardly ever shown expressing emotion. She is stoic and indifferent but also cautious and intelligent compared to the rest of Tsubaki's subclass. She says she feels embarrassment as a result of many of the things team melancholy does. Otogiri treats Tsubaki as a higher up and gives him respect. She is loyal to him like the others and obeys him without question.


Mahiru vs Sakuya

Otogiri makes her debut in chapter 7 during the fight between Mahiru and Sakuya. When Berkia is unconscious, she uses her threads to maneuver his body to fight Lily. She manages to cut off Lily's leg in doing so. She uses Berkia and Sakuya as puppets from a higher ground so she can move them more easily. When everyone is drowning because of Kuro, she pulls them all out. She then decides to retreat after seeing Mikuni and Jeje show up, determining that three servamps are too much to handle.

Alicein Arc

When Mikado Alicein returns home, Otogiri is seen disguised as a maid to the Alicein family. She uses her ability to control a puppet of Lily to break the bond between him and Misono. The puppet Lily hides things from Misono, so he runs off, hurt by this. The actual Lily tries to run after him but is stopped by Otogiri. She stops hiding and engages in battle with the Alicein staff. She decides to take control of them. She binds Mitsuki and Dodo together and has Dodo put a knife to her neck. She then makes the puppet of Lily stab Dodo in the back using a knife. After doing this, she makes the puppet Lily stab the actual Lily from behind, breaking his and Misono's pocket watch and their bond. She then escapes to the roof and meets Mahiru there. She lets him talk to Tsubaki on the phone before leaving.


  • Threads- Otogiri wields threads against her opponent when fighting and can manipulate others like puppets. She often hides in a safe place while using this ability. She can attach these threads to other's bodies and mimic their voice while controlling them to make it appear as if the person is moving on their own.


  • Physical Strength: 3/10
  • Tactics: 7/10
  • Spirit of Cooperation: 7/10
  • Mental: 6/10
  • Outward Appearance: 8/10
  • Breasts: 10/10


  • "Acting out is... so messy."
  • "Three servamps? Uh-oh! Let's go back."
  • "Tsubaki... is good to us."
  • "That's a problem.." (Anime)


  • Otogiri seems to be talented in mahjong, beating even Tsubaki in a game.
  • Otogiri likes noodles.
  • In a 4-Koma, Tsubaki teases Berkia and Sakuya, saying that they have a crush on Otogiri because she uses her ability to make them agree with her.
  • She independently severed the bond between the Lust Pair.
  • In the first popularity poll she came fourteenth with 160 votes.
  • Her English voice actor is married to Tsubaki's voice actor.
  • She is a Libra.
  • Sakuya and Berkia have a crush on Otogiri.
  • Like Tsubaki and his other subclass, Otogiri has a flower themed name. Otogirisou (弟切草) is the Japanese name for a breed of hypericum commonly known as St John's Wart.
  • Her username on Servamphoto (a parody of Instagram) is mysobaisperfect.


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