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SERVAMP (サーヴァンプ, SERVAMP) is a Shōjo manga written and illustrated by Strike TANAKA (田中ストライク, TANAKA Strike), and labeled with the genres action, comedy and supernatural. The series is serialized in Monthly Comic GENE since the year 2011 with ten volumes, six side-stories and three drama CDs to this date. In the August issue of Monthly Comic GENE it was announced that the series would be receiving a 12-episode anime adaptation. The anime began airing on July 5, 2016, and concluded on September 20, 2016. Funimation currently holds the streaming and dubbing rights to the series.

In January, 2017, the manga went on indefinite hiatus due to the author suffering from back & neck injuries from sustained work in a seated position. On March 14th, 2017, Strike announced that the series would return in the May issue of Comic Gene along with an original SERVAMP Drama CD.


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The story revolves around a 16-years old boy (15 at the beginning of the story) called Mahiru Shirota (城田真昼, Shirota Mahiru) who likes simple and dislikes difficult things. One day he picks up a stray, black cat he finds in the middle of the road and gives it the name Kuro (クロ, which literally translates into "black"). From this moment on a contract between the Servamp Sleepy Ash and Mahiru is formed and Mahiru is being pulled into the Servamp war.

"Servamps", deducing from the two words "servant" and "vampire", are vampires that are able to form a contract with a human, the so called "Eve" and serve them in exchange for drinking their blood.


List of Servamps

  • Kuro (Sloth, Sleepy Ash)
  • Snow Lily (Lust, All of Love)
  • Jeje (Envy, Doubt Doubt)
  • Hyde (Greed, Lawless)
  • Hugh (Pride, Old Child)
  • Freya (Wrath, The Mother)
  • Ildio (Gluttony, World End)
  • Tsubaki (Melancholy, Who's Coming)

List of Eves

List of Subclass

List of C3-Members

List of Others