4-Komas are shorts in comic strip format consisting of four panels. They usually consist of gag comics. All volumes of SERVAMP include 4-Komas at the end. Some 4-Komas have been animated into OVAs, called Sleepy Life of SERVAMP.

Volume 1

Trash Day!

Mahiru tells Kuro to wash the dishes and calls him a bum. Kuro slumps over and tells Mahiru that he can't and he's sorry. Mahiru tells him to take out the trash by 8 A.M. instead. Kuro, in his cat form, says that is way too early and that vampires need sleep.

The next morning, Kuro, still in his cat form, is taking out the trash. A woman with a broom is also seen taking out her trash. When Kuro comes back inside, he is panting and tells Mahiru that she hit him with the broom. When asked why, he says because the woman thought he was a stray cat.


In public, Misono is angry and annoyed. He points to Lily in his butterfly form and tells him that he has said a zillion times for him to stop vegging out all day and get home on time. He asks Lily if he understands and tells him to answer.

A child and their mother walk by and the child says that Misono is talking to a butterfly. The mother tells her child to be quiet and not look while pulling them away.

Misono is out of breath from yelling at Lily so much and Mahiru makes a mental note to never yell at Kuro in public.

Tech Wreck

Misono's phone vibrates and he is surprised. He tells Lily that it is from Mahiru. Lily is happy hearing this and tells Misono that Mahiru wants to see him. Misono concentrates on replying.

Lily asks Misono if he read the cell phone manual last night. Misono says he did and asks to confirm if a button is "reply". Lily says no and shows him the correct way to reply to messages. Misono, embarrassed, tells Lily to shut up.

Mahiru answers a phone call from Misono. Misono is panting and wheezing on the other end and confirms that he called Mahiru. Mahiru is confused and tells Misono to just learn how to text him.

Laughing Fool

Tsubaki is shown laughing hysterically and banging on the wall from laughing so hard. Tsubaki then stops laughing and deadpans that he is bored. Tsubaki walks off while laughing and Berkia thinks to himself that Tsubaki is in a bad mood.

Volume 2

The Servamp Family [1]

Kuro sits on the couch playing a video game. The words "Couch potato" are written over his head and he narrates that he is the in-home security guard. Jeje is seen in background reading,

The door slams open and World End enters. He yells into the room for Kuro and announces that he is bored. He suggests to Kuro that they pummel each other and starts to look for him.

World End finds Kuro in his cat form under one of Jeje's bags. World End rips two bags from Jeje's head and throws them to the floor.

Jeje then gets angry and confronts World End, telling him that he broke his bags. World End pulls out a spiked bat and asks him if he wants to fight about it. He calls Jeje an old geezer and says all he does is read.

While this happens, Kuro tries to be very still so they do not notice him.

The Servamp Family [2]

In the same setting as The Servamp Family [1], World End walks in and The Mother, who is wearing a seifuku, remarks that he is late again. World End says he met an old lady and helped her home. He then asks if his bath is ready.

The Mother then say that is Lily's job. Lily then begins to sparkle and says he is way too young to do chores. The Mother cracks her knuckles threateningly and tells Lily that is no excuse. She tells him it is time for rock, paper, scissors.

Lily, afraid of The Mother, gives up and quickly states for her to wait and to let him bare himself. Lily says that last time she spanked him. The Mother is confused by Lily's actions.

Volume 3

Team Melancholy

Tsubaki asks Berkia, Otogiri, and Sakuya if they want to get sushi. Berkia wants shish-kabobs, Otogiri wants noodles, and Sakuya says the mini-mart. Tsubaki declares that, despite all wanting different things, sushi wins again. Berkia goes silent, Otogiri thinks this isn't fair, and Sakuya thinks it is stupid.

Tsubaki then takes a poll. He asks who wants noodles. Otogiri uses her strings to control Berkia and Sakuya by making them raise their hands. Berkia and Sakuya both say it hurts when she uses her weapon on them.

Otogiri walks away, pleased with herself. Tsubaki becomes sad and says that Berkia and Sakuya are still crushing on Otogiri. Berkia becomes annoyed and says that Tsubaki has a crush on her, not them.

Team Envy

Mikuni sits at a table with his doll, Abel, and sighs. He tells his doll that this is nice, but he is tired of tea parties. He adds that he still loves them, though.

From another table, three women notice Jeje around Mikuni's neck and whisper, wondering if he is Mikuni's pet. Mikuni approaches them and tells them that Jeje won't bite unless he tells him too, trying to scare the women. This doesn't work and the three women fawn over Jeje.

The women say that Jeje is cute and ask to feed him. Mikuni sulks and tell them that they can. Mikuni is jealous that they like Jeje and is confused by the fact that snakes are apparently cute now.

Team C3

Izuna Nobel, Syuhei, and their two colleagues, (A man who wears many pair of glasses and a robot girl) sit in their office. Izuna says that she is hungry and asks the others if they want to play rock, paper, scissors for lunch.

They agree, and all except for Syuhei play paper. Syuhei plays rock and loses the game. Syuhei says he already bought burgers for them and pulls out four bags of food.

As they eat, his colleagues each think that they feel bad for Syuhei because he always loses. Syuhei thinks to himself why can't he win.

C3: The Sequel

In the same setting as Team C3, Izuna says she is hungry and asks the others if they want to play for lunch. They agree, but Syuhei tells them to wait. He pulls out a block game and tells them that they should play it this time. The first loser buys lunch. The others agree.

They all play with the glasses man in first, the robot girl in second, Izuna in third, and Syuhei in last.

The four of them eat lunch paid by Syuhei again. While he eats, Syuhei ponders how to win against them and considers chess.

Servamp High School

In a classroom, Lily stands in front and greets his class. He tells them that he is their teacher. Behind him the board reads that Mahiru is the monitor for the class.

Teacher Lily orders that the curtains be closed. His present students consist of World End, The Mother, Old Child, Mahiru, Jeje, and Tsubaki. They are all seated and not paying attention. World End is eating rice, which is flying over to The Mother, who is seated next to him. She uses a piece of paper to block it. Old Child is in his coffin and Tsubaki has his foot on the desk, rocking his chair. Jeje sits quietly and Mahiru holds an annoyed expression. Lily comments that the classroom is a zoo.

SLS Snow Lily1

Lily as the class's teacher.

Mahiru raises his hand and tells Lily that Kuro is absent and that Tsubaki is acting up. Tsubaki continues rocking and says that he should be the teacher. Mahiru says he does not want to be in the play.

Kuro then arrives and gets chastised by Mahiru for being late to school. Kuro says that he will play the part of the sick student who is never at school. Mahiru says that part screams Misono.

Volume 4


Misono is 10 years old and Lily begins stripping, asking if he shall show him some skin. Misono gasps and tells Lily to cover up.

When Misono is at age 11, Lily begins stripping, asking if he shall show him some skin. Misono tells Lily that he pisses him off.

Misono at age 12, Lily begins stripping, asking if he shall show him some skin. Misono does not say anything and is frustrated.

Lily starts to ask the current Misono if he shall show him some skin, but is interrupted. Misono does not let him finish his sentence and calls Lily a bastard. Misono then begins screeching.

Dodo, Age 18

Dodo tells Yamane that he is leaving because he has no future at the Alicein household. Yamane reminds him that he can drive and Dodo remembers that he likes cars. Yamane says he will train for two years.

Yamane becomes surrounded by a dark aura and tells Dodo to polish his skills and win races. Dodo is confused and thinks she is going overboard.

The narrator says that Dodo did do this and became a legend. Mahiru is shocked and asks if it is true.

Servamp High School [2]

The student council in introduced as Tsubaki, Berkia, and Shamrock. Tsubaki says that he is the president and to make him laugh.

The monitors are introduced as Syuhei, Izuna, and the man with the glasses from C3. Syuhei comes up with a new rule: No jokes in school. This counters Tsubaki previous request. Tsubaki calls him a buzz-kill.

Mahiru introduces Mikuni as a bossy senior. Mikuni tells Mahiru to get him some pasta.

Mahiru and Sakuya stand together and watch as Jeje ducks to follow Mikuni into a classroom. Sakuya asks who Jeje is and thinks he is scary. Mahiru replies saying that Jeje is tall and nimble. Mikuni continues his order, telling Mahiru that he wants his pasta with cheese. Mahiru refuses his request, annoyed.

Volume 5


Lawless sparkles as he says he is a super cute pet, but also shrewd. He says he is a vampire who changes into a mega cute hedgehog. He transforms into a hedgehog and decides to take a nap.

Later, Licht is seen kicking Lawless, who is still a hedgehog. Lawless says he charges for hugs. Licht tells Lawless to shut up and die and asks who would think he is cute.

Crantz says that his blog has gone viral because of his hedgehog Lawless pictures. He says that Lawless is shrewd, cute, and popular.

Rain and Jeje

Mikuni and Jeje are caught in the rain and Mikuni says that it's a downpour with strong wind. Mikuni starts to take care of Abel, asking them if they are okay and stating that they look wet.

From behind them, Jeje begins telling Mikuni about his bags. Mikuni doesn't care if Jeje's bags fly off. Mikuni then looks to Jeje and sees his bag sag over his face. Mikuni thinks this is funny and that Jeje looks like a monster. Mikuni then takes a picture of Jeje with his cell phone.

Volume 6

Summer Abel

Mikuni greets Mahiru by saying hello and brings up Abel, telling them Mahiru is here. Mahiru notices that Abel is wearing different clothing than their usual dress. Mikuni gets angry and tells Mahiru not to ogle at Abel with his lusty eyes, even if Abel is beautiful. Mahiru insists that he is not.

SLS Mikuni1

Mikuni questioning Mahiru's sanity.

Mikuni says to Abel that summer is rough with all the perverts and that Abel is just too cute. Mahiru says that Mikuni dotes on Abel a lot and in a monotone voice says that Mikuni should just marry them.

Mikuni looks at Mahiru like he is crazy and asks him what he is talking about. He states that Abel is a doll and asks Mahiru if he is nuts. Mahiru gets angry and says that Mikuni really pisses him off.

Summer Jeje

Mahiru talks to Jeje, asking him if Mikuni drives him crazy sometimes. Mahiru then asks if Mikuni makes all of Abel's clothes.

Jeje replies that Mikuni is good with his hands. As he says this, his bags are shown. One has a face with swim goggles on it and another is sun-burnt.

Jeje then starts shooting at Mikuni and tells him to quit playing jokes. Mikuni dodges the bullets and laughs. He tells Jeje that they looked good on him, though.

Mahiru watches this and remarks that Mikuni always gets giddy in the summer.

Volume 7

At the Supermarket

As Kuro and Mahiru walk out of the supermarket, Mahiru remembers he forgot to buy soy sauce. He tells Kuro to wait outside while he buys some.

Moments later, Mahiru returns outside, saying it took longer than he thought and apologizes for the wait to kitty Kuro.

The cat doesn't respond and Mahiru become worried. He keeps talking, asking him why he is ignoring him and if he is mad.

Kuro, in human form, then appears from behind Mahiru with ice cream, asking Mahiru if that cat is his friend. Mahiru is surprised to see Kuro, realizing he was talking to a normal cat. Mahiru gets embarrassed and tells Kuro he should have said something sooner.

A Tall Order

SLS Misono1

Misono posing.

Misono is posing in different positions in front of a mirror while saying different phrases. After a few, he leans on the mirror for support since he has become very tired. He decides that's enough training for the day and that his last pose, where he lifts his arm over his head, makes him look taller.

Lily, from the door, then asks Misono if he would like some after-training tea. Misono, thinking he was alone the whole time, becomes embarrassed and yells at Lily to knock first. He throws a book at Lily, who dodges it while smiling and saying Misono's last pose makes him look the biggest.


Back at Mikuni's shop, Jeje works making ships in a bottle. Mikuni sees one and Jeje tells him it isn't done yet. Mikuni says he will put it in the shop once it is finished.

Johannes asks if all the bottled ships in Mikuni's shop were made by Jeje, and Mikuni confirms this, saying that those who don't work don't get to drink blood. Jeje says Mikuni still doesn't let him have any.

Mikuni says that Jeje's bottled ships have gotten a fan base and that they sell out quickly. Jeje says that since they sell, Mikuni should give him blood.

Mikuni asks Jeje if he really believes he could buy his blood for so little money. He says all the money from the ships wouldn't buy him a single drop. Johannes tells Mikuni that he is as evil as ever.

How to Raise an Angel

Licht's mother, who is an Austrian pianist, happily says that Licht can't learn anything besides Japanese, so she will have to learn the language to speak with him. Licht's father, who is Japanese, says he didn't come here to learn new languages and that it doesn't take words to play the violin.

Licht's mother says she loves the antisocial part of Licht, believing it to be a gift from a messenger of heaven. She says she is sure he brought that smile down from heaven for her.

At age 5, Licht's mother gives him and angel backpack and his father gives him a robot anime dvd. His mother says he needs wings because he is an angel and his father says he needs to be strong.

In the present Crantz says because of Licht's parents, he grew up to be antisocial, his head full of fairy tales, and a super strong little angel. Lawless wishes his parents stuck to one good side.

Tsubaki and Sakuya 3

Tsubaki tells Berkia that Sakuya has been walking around with a stuffed fox that looks just like Tsubaki's animal form. Berkia recognizes it as the one Sakuya bought online.

SLS Sakuya1

Sakuya torturing the plush fox.

Tsubaki asks Sakuya if he is going to the store and tells him to buy him ice cream. Sakuya, holding the stuffed fox, says he wasn't going to the store.

Sakuya starts to wring the fox's neck and glares at Tsubaki, saying he guess he has no choice. Tsubaki tells him to forget about buying him ice cream.

Tsubaki tells Berkia of how Sakuya threatened him and Berkia say Tsubaki must have really pissed Sakuya off and that he should apologize.

Blue Hawaii

Syuhei asks Izuna if she has seen his glasses anywhere because he lost them while he was napping. Izuna replies that she was giving them an upgrade. Syuhei tells her not to act like giving them an upgrade is the same as borrowing.

Izuna gets excited and tells Syuhei that when he presses a button on his glasses now, they will squirt syrup for shaved ice. Syuhei says he predicted this and takes out shaved ice. He uses the glasses on the treat and states that nothing is an issue when you are prepared.

Late Night TV

Berkia says the horror movie he watched the night before is really scary. Sakuya wonders what he means since he is a vampire.

While watching the movie, Tsubaki begins to laugh and says the movie is not scary at all. Tsubaki tells the others that Japanese horror movies are much scarier because the curses are the real deal.

Sakuya asks Tsubaki if he realizes that he is an actual example of Japanese horror. Tsubaki gets upset and sulks at this realization. Berkia tries to cheer up Tsubaki and Sakuya says he won't apologize and that Tsubaki is just being a baby.

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