School Festival (スクールフェスティバル Sukūru Fesutibaru) is a 2016 Drama CD. The CD was released on July 27, 2016 and was published by Frontier Works and Kadokawa Media Factory. The CD contains the drama CD original story and cast talk.


Humans and vampires come together at the "Servamp School". The Servamp school holds a combined sports and cultural festival; Licht and Lawless have a screaming dodgeball confrontation and who shall play "Little Red Riding Hood" in the cultural festival...?!

Track List

  1. Opening (オープニング Ōpuningu)
  2. Hashire! Tatakae! Aka to Shiro - Taiikumatsuri no Jigoku (走れ!戦え!紅白・地獄の体育祭 Run! Fight! Red and White Sports Festival from Hell)
  3. Doki★Ryoushidakare no Sokkyougeki ~Akazukin-chan〜 Hunter no Fool (ドキッ★猟師だらけの即興劇~赤ずきんちゃん~ Bang★Improvisational Theater ~Little Red Riding Hood~ Fool Hunter)
  4. Ending (エンディング Endingu)
  5. Cast Talk (キャストトーク Kyasuto Tōku)


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