General Rules of Behaviour

To ensure that the wiki remains a friendly and inviting place for all viewers and editors we would ask that you remain respectful when interacting with others, and should any conflicts arise try to settle the matter peacefully without resorting to personal attacks (if such a conflict arises and the matter cannot be settled reasonably please contact an admin).
Any users who bully or harass others (including but not limited to homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist or otherwise unpleasant comments) will face a temporary ban (which will be extended if the behaviour continues when the ban expires).
Any users who purposefully and repeatedly vandalise wiki articles will also face a temporary ban. In this case, vandalism includes the insertion of spam, gibberish, explicit, non-canonical, or otherwise offensive or irrelevant information.

Image & Translations Crediting

When uploading images and translated content to the wiki please ensure that if the image/translation was provided by a scanner/translator/scanlator that the individual is appropriately credited in the reference section on any page that the content is used.

The following is a list of all providers and translators who have given the wiki and it's editors permission to use their images and translations and as such should be properly credited:

Some images and translations have previously been uploaded and used without asking permission and without crediting, if you encounter any of these please don't hesitate to properly credit them or contact an admin if you're unsure of how to do so. If you are the originally translator or scanner and your work has been used without your authorisation please contact an admin and it will be removed as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Uploading Images

Before uploading an image to the wiki, in addition to the crediting discussed above please try and check to see if the image (or a version of it) is already on the wiki. The best place to check this is the image galleries of characters that are featured in the image. If the version you have is of a higher quality/cleaner or is a Japanese raw rather than a Chinese or English scanlation then please use the "Upload a new version of this file" on the already uploaded image, rather than uploading a duplicate. As with other issues, if you are unsure how to do this or have already uploaded a duplicate please contact an admin for assistance (though admins do periodically clean up images to avoid duplications).
Additionally, try to avoid uploading low quality images in general and give the image an appropriate name that refers to what the image depicts and avoid generic or random titles (Screen_shot_2018-09-01).

Character Names

Due to inconsistencies between English adaptations of the series we currently defer to the English spelling provided directly by Tanaka Strike through birthday illustrations eg. Syuhei Tsuyuki. For newer characters who have not yet had their name shown in English by Strike we defer to the most commonly used spelling by the English fandom and scanlators eg. Niccolò Carpediem was used prior to the reveal that it is spelled Niccolo Carpediem. As such please try and adhere to the spellings shown in the character section of the wiki's top navigation bar and the character navigation box at the bottom of each character's article page. If there is any spelling which you believe should be changed please bring it up with an admin for discussion, though please have several images/sources to reference why you think the name should be changed. Names that do not yet have confirmed spellings by Tanaka Strike:


In order to keep the wiki consistent, due to the majority of articles being written by users who use American grammar it is preferred if new edits and content is also written using American spelling and grammar.

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