Summer Break! is the 13th chapter of the Servamp manga series.


Mikuni, Lily, Misono ch 13

Lily attacking Mikuni.

Following chapter 12, where Misono and Mikuni are reunited, Misono is angry and antagonizes Mikuni. Mikuni asks if Misono is healed, referring to the injuries he received from Sakuya in earlier chapters. Misono orders Lily to attack. Lily wields his scythe, bringing it close to Mikuni's body. Mikuni stays still, unaffected while Jeje uses his gun to block Lily's weapon from hitting Mikuni. Mikuni muses that he thought Misono hated fighting. Jeje gets the best of Lily, pointing his gun to his face after they briefly duel. Lily puts his hands up in surrender and tells Misono not to be so reckless. Misono is enraged further and Mikuni tells him that Lily is no match for his Jeje. Jeje tells him to shut up.

Mahiru cuts in and shouts for everyone to stop fighting. Tetsu is confused by the situation and Kuro does not care. Mahiru frantically asks Misono why he is angry and grabs him, questioning why he would attack his family. Misono pulls Mahiru by the collar and glares at him, insisting that despite Mikuni being his brother, that does not mean he is nice. He also states that there is a possibility that it is not actually Mikuni, but an enemy pretending to be him. Mahiru denies this, stating that Mikuni has Misono's baby pictures. They quarrel for a bit and Kuro turns into a cat in an attempt to sooth everyone.

Jeje, Misono, Lily ch 13

Misono collapsing.

Mikuni gives up, stating that he will leave because he would hate to ruin their summer break. Jeje then injects Misono with a substance form his gun and knocks him unconscious. Lily catches him and asks Jeje if it was poison. Jeje says maybe.

Mikuni tells Misono not to push it, states the two of them are a bad mix, and moves to leave. Mahiru tells him to wait and Mikuni gives him advice. He tells him that information is everywhere, but he must decide what is really true. He mentions that the world will try to control Mahiru's power. Mahiru asks why he is telling him this and Mikuni says it is because he used to have power, and that this is a warning. He states that he will tell Mahiru why Misono hates him once they trust each other. Before he leaves he waves goodbye with Abel's arm.

Later at a restaurant, Demmy's, Misono wakes up in a booth with Mahiru, Kuro, Tetsu, Hugh, and Lily. Misono sits up groggily and asks who Hugh is, calling him a shrimp. Hugh becomes offended and calls Misono a tiny tot. They argue and Tetsu calls them both babies.


Misono refuses to forgive Mikuni.

Misono asks what happened to Mikuni and is told that he left earlier. Lily apologizes for not warning Misono and tells him that he almost sent him home, but decided against it because Misono needs friends and food now.

Misono apologizes to Mahiru about earlier and Mahiru tells him not to worry about it. Misono continues, distressed, telling him that he has a good reason for hating Mikuni, but he cannot share it with anyone yet. Before Mahiru can respond, Misono falls asleep, as it is nine o'clock, his bedtime.

Mahiru brings up that Mikuni mentioned a neutral group and suggests that it could help them. Mahiru is told that the group is called C3. Hugh tells him that the organization is hardly neutral and calls them raging narcissists. He demands that C3 be kept out of their plans and that they cannot make another mistake.

Kuro and Mahiru ch 13-1

Kuro interrupting Mahiru.

Mahiru questions what the mistake refers to and Lily states that long ago the Servamps were given an order by C3. Mahiru thinks such an action is strange and asks what the order was. Kuro interrupts him, raising his voice and saying that it doesn't matter. Mahiru worriedly looks to Kuro and says he never yells like that. Hugh and Lily watch silently.

Hugh interjects, saying that they must stop Tsubaki without C3 and tells Mahiru not to contact them. Mahiru agrees and wonders what happened to Kuro in regards to C3. He recalls Mikuni's words about trusting one another before opening up and clenches his fist.

Lily then states that they have had enough for the night, but they need a plan soon, mentioning that the bombs at Mahiru's school were scary. Mahiru inquires further, asking if there was more than one bomb. Lily tells him that thirteen bombs exploded at the same time the night of the festival. Lily says it was three days ago, asking if Mahiru heard since then. Mahiru tries to recall if Koyuki emailed him about it.

Mahirus school

Mahiru's school.

They are thankful injuries are minor and Mahiru goes to his school to see it. The school is completely demolished from a bomb. Mahiru is shocked and staggers back. He is confused and can hear Tsubaki's laughter. Mahiru asks Kuro if he recalls anything about the past, but is then stunned with a stun gun and collapses, unconscious.

As Mahiru lies on the ground, two girls stand above him. One girl stands with Kuro, in his cat form, chained to her and the other remarks that she accidentally set the stun gun too high.

Mahiru wakes up on the floor inside a building. He sits up quickly and rubs his head. He worries for Kuro, who is not with him, and calls out to him. Mahiru wonders where Kuro could be before wondering where he even is.

Mahiru asks aloud if he was dragged to an enemy hideout and a voice answers, telling him that he is almost right. Mahiru was not expecting a response and is surprised. The person continues, telling Mahiru to relax because he is prepared.

Kuro at C3

Kuro at C3.

Mahiru turns to the source and sees his senpai, Tsuyuki Shuhei, in a chair reading. They lock eyes and Shuhei closes his book. Mahiru is shocked to see his upperclassman there and Shuhei greets Mahiru, stating that it has been a week since they last met.

Mahiru goes for his weapon, suspecting Shuhei of being one of Tsubaki's subclass. Shuhei tells him to stop and states that he is an ally. He apologizes for the rough handling and states that they only want to talk to him.

Kuro sits on a couch in another location and sighs, stating he hates this. He holds the letter in his hand and someone introduces them as the neutral group C3 and asks if he will help them stop Tsubaki.