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Takuto Kurumamori (車守 車守拓人) is the son of Junichiro and Shifumi Kurumamori. His mother was killed by a subclass who escaped one night.


Takuto has short brown hair with brown eyes. In many pictures he is shown with a black coat with white patterns. Since he's very young, he's small and has the typical facial features of a child, such as a round face and big eyes. He resembles both his father and his mother a lot.


Takuto seems to be a very cheerful and positive child, usually seen with a smile on his face.

Despite having no mother, Takuto seems to be happy where he is. He appreciates Tsurugi and Yumikage's presence a lot. He even sees them as his parents and refers to them as his dads too besides his actual father (as shown by the "I've got 3 daddies!" in his profile image).


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