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"I'm not mad... I just act cool."

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The Mother (ザ・マザー Za・Mazā) is the Servamp of Wrath and fourth oldest of eight Servamps. The Mother currently is under a temporary contract with Izuna Nobel as her Eve, with the given name Freya (フレイア Fureia).


Being the Servamp of Wrath, she takes that trait herself, always looking grouchy or frowning, giving an impression that she's angry; Mahiru assumes she is angry when they first meet, but she claims that she is only acting cool. Despite her alias, she is kind to other Servamps and her Subclasses. Although, this does not stop Lily from being afraid of her. It is said that she will not get very angry without a valid reason.

True to her name, she seems to be much mature than her other siblings and act like a mother figure. She is also kind to other people, willingly save Tsurugi despite knowing that he is a member of C3 and had injured her Subclasses, and then comforted him when he was having a breakdown. She believes that anyone can change if influence by others. The Mother also has a sense of humor, as she thinks Licht is funny as an angel.


She is the Servamp of Wrath and is the only female Servamp.

During the meeting regarding C3's request to kill the creator of Servamps, she was one of Servamp who objected the request, along with Lawless and World End. She stated that while she theoretically understood the benefit of the request, her emotions don't permit it. Due to the difference in opinions, they decided it with a majority vote, which resulted in Sleepy Ash killing their creator. After the job was done, The Mother stated she's not mad because they don't have the right to be mad.

The Mother's first meeting with her future husband.

In 21st century, she met her eve in a forest where they are surrounded by corpse of soldiers with the man seemed to be the only survivor. He then commented on her beauty and stated his wish to grow apple farm. The Mother took a quick interest and asked him to teach her how to grow apple farm, eventually marrying him. Since then, she stayed with him somewhere in Tokyo, taking care of their apple farm. Years later, her eve grew old and she accompanied him in his death bed where he thanked her for staying by his side for so long before he passed away.


Servamp Family Meeting

The Mother mistakes Mahiru for Kuro.

She first appeared in chapter 5, meeting up with Mahiru, Kuro, Lily, Jeje, and World End to discuss what to do about Tsubaki at a family restaurant. Her presence scares Lily who immediately hiding from her, stating she makes him uncomfortable. She then greets Mahiru whom she mistook as Kuro by leaning her face close to him as she wondered if Kuro always looked like that, causing Mahiru to blushing and asks is she angry, but she simply states that she's just being calm. During the meeting, like the other Servamps, she is distracted and discusses her interest in apple farming until Mahiru angrily tells them to focus. She admits that Tsubaki has become a problem to her as well, so, like the others, she agreed to make Mahiru the leader and the one responsible for gathering the seven Servamps together to fight Tsubaki.


In chapter 51 it is revealed that she and some of her subclass (Gil and Ray) are captured by C3. Tsurugi tells Mahiru and Kuro that she is locked up because there is a chance she might rampage, so they have her isolated in jail for security reasons. He also mentions that Wrath has some "circumstances". After hearing this, Kuro says she is not the type to rampage without reason.

The Mother tells Lawless and Licht to show the way.

After Gil and Ray escape the jailhouse, they mention that The Mother told them to stay quietly captured, revealing that they had some sort of plan. Gil and Ray end up changing their minds and form a new plan to retrieve The Mother and escape unscathed. While they do this, The Mother is seen to break out of her cell on her own and happens to find Lawless and Licht. Here, she tells Lawless that her eve has died so she no longer has one. Lawless thinks that this is why she was kept in jail and her power has decreased significantly. Despite this, Lawless still asks for her help to free Mahiru and Kuro. Seeing the comparison between the current and past Lawless, she pointed out how much Lawless has grown up, much to the latter's embarrassment. She then picks both of them up in her arms and tells them to lead the way to save her subclass.

The Mother urges Tsurugi to give her a name.

The three of them gathered just as her subclasses managed to drown Tsurugi into the elevator tunnel. Seeing Lawless and her subclasses argue about saving Tsurugi, The Mother volunteers to be the one to save him and assures her subclasses that she is not angry at them before jumping into the water to save Tsurugi. She successfully saves Tsurugi and comforts him when he suffers a breakdown. As the ceilings above them begins to crumble, she protects Tsurugi and run while avoiding the falling debris despite Tsurugi's insistence to be left to die because he has enough of living. One of the debris fell right on top of her. She tells Tsurugi to escape alone as she won't die since she is a Servamp, but Tsurugi refuses, stating he can't walk alone. To save herself and Tsurugi from the collapsing building, The Mother encourages Tsurugi to give her a name and become her new eve.

Tsurugi becomes stressed at this proposition and denies. He claims he does not have anything to give The Mother for a contract. The Mother points to Tsurugi's earring, suggesting he give her one, but Tsurugi mistakenly thinks she means he should give her one of his eyes. Before The Mother can correct him, Tsurugi rambles on about how other body parts would be better, contemplating an arm and a finger. He refuses to give an arm because it has scars and decides a finger would be best, since he has many.

The Mother gets angry at Tsurugi.

The Mother gets Tsurugi's attention and tells him burdens exist in the world that should be shared with others, as well as things he must treasure. She tells him he needs to know the difference. Tsurugi asks her if she is angry, which she replies affirmative to. Tsurugi begins apologizing repeatedly and tells The Mother that he owns nothing other than his own body. The ceiling continues to collapse as The Mother listens to Tsurugi expressing his feelings. He begins to cry and states he was never able to grow up. He reaches out a trembling hand and asks if he takes it would be be able to change and leave the facility.

Tsurugi refusing The Mother.

Before he can grasp it, however, he sees a vision of Toma's figure loom behind The Mother, who looks behind to see nothing. While he is not actually there, Tsurugi is stunned and stares at Toma. Tsurugi becomes overwhelmed with guilt, bows upon the ground before The Mother, and refuses her offer to become her eve. More debris then begin falling from the ceiling.

The Mother gets shot by Toma.

The Mother shields the falling debris from Tsurugi, covering them both in the process. Tsurugi begs The Mother to stop, stating that no one will come to get him. He tells her that his life was happy enough for him, but she quickly states he is lying. They are freed from the rubble when Toma appears and pulls Tsurugi out of the rubble. Remembering her contract offer, Tsurugi introduces Toma as someone who is like a family to him and suggests that she form a contract with Toma instead, only for Toma to shot The Mother through the chest and she collapsed from the wound, reverting her to her wolf form.

She is later found by Izuna who asks her to lend her power so she cans top Tsuyuki from become a killer. The Mother tells Izuna that she must not forget that it's a girl's job to scold a foolish boy. She then asks Izuna for her name and the name she will give to her. Izuna then renamed her "Freya", forming a temporary contract with her.

After forming the contract, Freya and Izuna both head to where Tsuyuki and Shamrock are fighting. Freya stops Shamrock from killing Tsuyuki with her shield, and Izuna rushes in shortly after. Tsuyuki then questions whether Izuna really made a pact with Wrath, to which Izuna replies that she did and that she gave The Mother the name of Freya. Tsuyuki yells at her to give him her new weapon, while Shamrock tells the pair they should not interfere with his battle.



  • Shield: Wrath is able to summon a big black shield. She used it in her fight against Shamrock and also her fight against Tsubaki.
  • Sword: She's able to wield the swords Izuna creates with her lead. In her fight against Shamrock she combined this with her carrying her shield.


  • Strength: 7/10
  • Tactics: 3/10
  • Cooperativeness: 6/10
  • Mental: 9/10
  • Appearance: 6/10
  • Breasts: 8/10


  • She is the only female Servamp.
  • Snow Lily is afraid of her.
  • She confesses to grow apples on a farm because she truly likes them.
  • It's revealed that her eve was male and 93 years old. The Mother states he had a peaceful death. However in early translations the translator made a mistake and said the master was female. This could be since Japan has gender neutral pronouns so it was a guess.
  • She thinks that Licht's angel jokes are funny. (Of all characters she is probably the only one to think so)
  • Her animal form is a wolf.
  • Her new given name, "Freya", is given by Izuna after the Goddess of love, beauty, and war in Norse Mythology.
  • Her username on Servamphoto (a parody of Instagram) is ms_apple.
    • Based on her comments, she is capable of understanding and reading Japanese but cannot write in it and writes Japanese out phonetically in roman letters instead.