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Toru Shirota is the maternal uncle of Mahiru Shirota. He's the executive manager of the C3 Tokyo Branch, as well as a magician.


After Mahiru's mother died after being hit by a truck, Toru decided to take care for Mahiru since no one else volunteered. Though he's often not at home due to his job, he's always there for his nephew.
When Mahiru came home from school on his first day (after his mother's death), deeply depressed, Toru tells him that the reason for not wanting to do anything is that he is running away from his feelings. First step would be to give a name to his emotion because, if he doesn't, no one else will be able to.


After coming back home from a businesses trip, he finds Kuro in front of the TV - he takes a broom and goes after him. Mahiru stops him and introduces Kuro to him as his new cat.
Toru is okay with it and suggests to go have Sushi. In the restaurant, the two meet Tsubaki, (Toru doesn't know him), and when Toru tells one of his (bad) jokes Tsubaki bursts out laughing. Due to that, Toru is convinced that his joke was pretty good and starts to like Tsubaki.


It is revealed, when Mahiru first fights Toma, that he and Toru went to high school together. From the way Toma speaks of him, Toru had worried about Toma's situation; however, the concern was not appreciated. In fact, Toma states he found Toru's concern, and manner of speaking, obnoxious.


  • "I'll take care of Mahiru. I'm his Uncle, after all. We'll keep things's gotta be me." (Chapter 1)
  • "Right're just too sad. But feel those sad feelings. Give them a name...if you want to. And someday will seem brighter. You'll feel better. But only if you...feel the sadness now." (Chapter 3)
  • "Come out, crook! Come out and...cry Uncle!! Ha ha! That was cool..." (Chapter 8)
  • "Kuro the cat...nice and simple!!" (Chapter 8)
  • "Mahiru...I understand. Some things are better left unsaid." (Chapter 8)
  • "Have a sushi row...with salmon roe!" (Chapter 9)
  • "I don't know your situation...but friendship is simple. Just tell him you'll there. No matter what happens..." (Chapter 9, to Mahiru)
  • "Mistakes are okay. I've made tons of 'em! Regrets? Not so much. Everybody's different, Mahiru...including your friend. But he shares your try to connect again. Just wait a week or two..." (Chapter 9)


  • When Toru meets Kuro for the first time, he reacts the same as Mahiru did.
  • He always makes bad jokes and puns, thinking they're brilliant even if no one laughs.
  • Mahiru's mother was his older sister.
  • He is the former Thor operative, and the original wielder of Mjölnir
  • His name, Tooru, is a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of Thor (トール)
  • He rolled his pant legs and shirt cuffs in a similar manner to Mahiru when he was around Mahiru's age