True Tale: A Servamp's Life is an extra short story after the conclusion of volume 2. It follows the point of view of Kuro as he experiences mishaps with Mahiru.


At 7:00 A.M., Mahiru barges into Kuro's room and tells him that breakfast is ready, effectively waking Kuro up. Kuro thinks that this is his pathetic life linked to Mahiru, whom he refers to as a slave driver. Kuro believes that everyday is sheer hell. Mahiru drags Kuro out of his room and to the curtains. Mahiru opens the curtains and Kuro turns into his cat form.

At 7:40 A.M., Kuro sits in front of the tv in his human form. Mahiru enters and tells him it's time to leave. Kuro tells him to wait because he is checking their horoscopes. Mahiru asks what sign Kuro is and Kuro tells him that he follows Mahiru's sign, cancer. He says he wants to know if Mahiru's sign gets bad news so he can protect himself. He also tells Mahiru that his lucky sport is fishing. Mahiru eventually has enough of this and drags Kuro out of the house and heads for school. Kuro tells Mahiru that he misses his old stray vampire life without people and schedules. Mahiru tells Kuro that his life is more full now.

In school at 12:30 P.M., Mahiru's classmates have dressed up kitty Kuro. Kuro thinks of this as hard manual labor. Koyuki, among the classmates who clothed Kuro, says that what Kuro is wearing was his dog's. Other classmates take pictures of Kuro as he tries to stay very still. Mahiru is shuddering and holding back his laughter as he imagines human Kuro in the outfit.

Later at 5:00 P.M., Mahiru stops by the store for a two hour sale. He says that he loves the sale but he had to run there because it is right after school. Kuro calls Mahiru a housewife while balancing a carton of eggs on his head. Kuro then spots ramen and tells Mahiru he wants it. Mahiru says that it is too expensive, but buys it anyway. While at the checkout, Mahiru gets a call from Misono. Misono tells Mahiru to come to him and that Lily has been kidnapped.

At 6:00 P.M., Mahiru and Kuro arrive at a platform above traffic to find Misono arguing with someone. Misono tells this person to give Lily back and asks where they got him. Mahiru gets closer and sees Misono arguing with a child. The child is reluctant to speak and stays quiet when Misono further interrogates him. Mahiru loses his worries when he sees that Misono is only arguing with a child. Misono tells Mahiru that he is late and to help him get Lily back.

The child is holding a cage and inside holds Lily in his butterfly form. The child says that he caught Lily, so that the butterfly is his. Mahiru is surprised to see Lily like this and Misono yells at Lily, asking why a child caught him again. Mahiru is baffled at the fact that this has supposedly happened before.

Mahiru suggests to Misono that Lily's human self could break out of the box, but Misono tells him that Lily was caught for the child's school project, and that they shouldn't break it.

Mahiru gets frustrated and decides to step in himself. Mahiru tries to barter with the child and have him take some chips in exchange for Lily. Misono is outraged with this and angrily grabs Mahiru, asking him if he even tried and that what he did was stupid. Mahiru tells him that he tried something simple. They continue arguing while Kuro and the child are seen eating the chips together while making fun of Mahiru and Misono.

While the child is distracted, Kuro snags the cage away from him and tosses it to Mahiru. Mahiru tries to catch it, but before it reaches him, the child smacks it out of the way and it falls onto a moving truck below them.

The child starts crying about the cage and Misono starts trembling and saying that this can't be happening. Kuro, the only one unfazed, starts walking away and tells Lily to have a nice life. Mahiru stops him from going.

Mahiru starts running after the truck and Kuro tells Mahiru to stop. Kuro then drinks Mahiru's blood and his chain appears. He says that chasing cars is a pain but he has no choice. Kuro then picks up Mahiru and starts flying toward the truck. Misono tries to follow but becomes out of breath. The child says that Kuro is cool and thinks he is a ninja. Misono says that Kuro is a vampire.

It is 6:30 P.M. as they fly over the sky looking for Lily. Kuro asks Mahiru if he remembers his lucky sport. At the same time, Mahiru spots Lily. Kuro looks to Mahiru and asks Mahiru if he trusts him. Mahiru tells him of course he does, why else would he risk his life.

Kuro stops on the roof of a building and tells Mahiru that his lucky sport is fishing. He positions Mahiru as if he were real bait on a fishing line, which in this situation is the chain that connects them. Mahiru exclaims that Kuro is going to throw him. Kuro tells Mahiru to relax and just grab Lily so he can reel him in. Mahiru says he hates this plan.

Kuro locks his target and throws Mahiru to Lily in the cage. Kuro says that the whole city looks like a giant pond. Mahiru grabs Lily and Kuro reels them back in. Once back, Mahiru tells Kuro to never do that again.

At 7:00 P.M., they meet the child again and give the cage back to him. They ask that he let the butterfly go and he does. The child thanks Mahiru and Kuro for finding his cage and then asks why Misono is mad at the butterfly, saying it's creepy. Mahiru cannot explain why Misono is yelling at a butterfly to the child.

Lily is finally back in his human form beside Misono and they both thank Mahiru and Kuro. Lily tries to strip but Misono stops him from doing so. Kuro starts to think that meeting Mahiru has upped his stress level, but also his "thank you" numbers.

At 8:00 P.M., Mahiru walks through the door and asks Kuro if ramen is okay for dinner. Mahiru drops the bag from the store next to Kuro, who sees how much ramen Mahiru bought, despite saying that it was expensive. Kuro thinks that these days are actually pretty okay. Mahiru says the ramen is good and Kuro tells him he told him so.

At 10:00 P.M., Mahiru and Kuro are playing video games. Mahiru tells Kuro to be careful while eating the chips because he hates grease stains. Kuro mockingly agrees and calls Mahiru "mommy". Mahiru then nags Kuro for also spilling coffee. Kuro thinks to forget what he said about things being pretty okay.