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Tsubaki (椿) is the main antagonist at the beginning of the story. He is the 8th Servamp who should, originally, not exist - that may be the reason the other Servamps did not know of him at the beginning. He is also called "Who is coming?" Tsubaki is the Servamp of Melancholy. He often laughs for no reason just to find it boring a few seconds later. When he is in animal form, he has the shape of a two-tailed fox.

In contrary to the subclass of the other Servamps - his subclass can face the sunlight and are often good fighters.


Tsubaki has short black hair, red eyes, and wearing sun glasses. He wears black coloured yukata with red camellia flower patterns on the sode (the loose arm part of yukata) and red obi that ties the yukata around his waist. He also wears white haori (Japanese traditional jacket) with the same red camellia pattern and a pair of geta (Japanese traditional wooden sandals).

In episode 6 of the anime his attire briefly changes to a white suit with black shoes under said suit he wears a grey shirt with a white button up vest and a black tie he also seems to have another jacket over the suit this on being black

In the past his attire was largely same as his main attire save for his black sunglasses and white haori


Tsubaki has a strange sense of humour, often laughing at the simplest thing and then find it boring a few seconds later. He claims to hate humans and his vampire siblings, seeking to start vampire-human war. When it comes about fulfilling his goal, he is merciless and has no hesitation to kill innocent humans because he doesn't like them, simply stating that it's fair.

Beneath this trait, he can feel compassion or at least empathy for those in a situation similar to his own, whether they are human or vampire. One of such example is when he saved Sakuya and made him his subclass despite being a human. He cares greatly for all of his subclass, crying for them when they died, and this also enraged him enough to personally capture Lawless after he killed his subclass.


When he was born exactly is unknown, but he is in fact the youngest of the Servamps. He seems to have a close relationship with the creator of Servamps that he refers as "Sensei" (meaning teacher or master). One night, he witnessed Sleepy Ash in his black lion form after he killed their creator, and Tsubaki seemed devastated at his creator's death. Since then, he has been looking for the real identity of the black lion to question why he killed their creator.

Tsubaki during his times at C3.

Hundreds of years later, somehow, he was once owned by C3 - the organization which is said to work for the coexistence of humans and non-humans. From the flashback, it seemed that Tsubaki is used as a test subject for some experiment. According to Syuhei Tsuyuki, Tsubaki fled C3 and then turned against them.

Tsubaki saved Sakuya.

Some years prior to the storyline he finds the young Sakuya Watanuki who has just lost his sister through suicide his parents forced her into to get money from their insurance. Tsubaki gets how guilty Sakuya feels because he lied to the police - he considers himself responsible for her death, and Tsubaki told him that it wasn't his fault that his sister died. Probably knowing about the future, Tsubaki promises Sakuya, that he will come and pick him up once "everything" is over. Six years later, when Sakuya is also forced into suicide by his parents, Tsubaki fulfilled his promise and saved him by turning him into his subclass.


First Encounter

Tsubaki attacks Kuro and Mahiru.

He is first mentioned by Berkia while fighting Sleepy Ash, now goes by the name Kuro, and Mahiru. He then appears the next day, confronting Mahiru and Kuro, and explains his plans and goals for the future: killing a lot of humans and all of his siblings because they don't know him. He talks to Kuro and asks him, if he would deny, that this world is boring and nothing ever happens. He declares war to his brother - but Kuro thinks Tsubaki might mistakes him for someone else because he does not know about a brother called Tsubaki. Hearing these words Tsubaki falls into laughter about how none of his siblings know about him as he introduces himself as his youngest brother and the eighth Servamp of Melancholy.

Tsubaki about to kill Mahiru.

He then directs his attention to Mahiru, telling him that it doesn't matter what happens as long as it's interesting to him. He continues saying that no one knowns him and nobody in the world understand his feelings, to which Mahiru points out that Tsubaki is simply lonely and nothing interests him because he doesn't face his own feelings. Tsubaki confirms this and that's why he wants to start a war. In attempt to stop Tsubaki, Mahiru tries to forcefully give him a name, prompting Tsubaki to try to kill Mahiru before he could done so, but the Servamp of Lust, All of Love, now known as Snow Lily, interferes using his illusion, saving Mahiru and Kuro.

Sakuya's Past

Tsubaki tells Mahiru about Sakuya's past.

He appears with Berkia again, eating at a sushi shop and welcomes Sakuya who just killed a subclass. They plan their next move to lure Mahiru and Kuro into a trap, which they succeeded. He appears beside one of his subclass, Otogiri, watching Kuro starts to lose control and looking forward what will happen. However, he soon changed his mind and leaves. He then meets Mahiru again by a coincidence in a sushi bar and Mahiru uses this opportunity to ask how Sakuya became his subclass. Tsubaki reveals Sakuya's background and mocks Mahiru how he doesn't understand Sakuya despite being his friend. Sensing Kuro's murderous intent and not wanting to fight now, Tsubaki takes his leave.


Tsubaki playing mahjong with his subclass.

He is seen playing mahjong with his subclass, Berkia, Otogiri, and Shamrock. While playing, Shamrock asks why Tsubaki hasn't dispose of Sakuya who may betray him soon, but Tsubaki simply change the subject to their next plan, deciding to serve some "fireworks" and take everything back since "Sensei" is tired of waiting as well. It turns out that Tsubaki orders his subclass to bomb places that involves C3, some of them are Mahiru's school and a place where summer festival is being held which Tetsu Sendagaya, the eve of Servamp of Pride, able to stop.

Attack at Alicein Mansion

Tsubaki talks to Mahiru from his phone.

Sometimes afterwards, he sends Otogiri to sneak into the mansion of the Aliceins to take down Lily. Otogiri succeeds in destroying the contract item that causes Lily to lose his power, and then receives call from Tsubaki who thinks her interference was too quick, but Otogiri defends her decision that the time is perfect to destroy Lily's contract item. When Otogiri bumps into Mahiru and Kuro who came to help Misono, he asks Otogiri to give the phone to Mahiru so he can talk to him, so Otogiri put on a speaker. Tsubaki explains that by destroying the item that constitute the contract between servamps and eves, the servamp's body will regurgitate the djinn they are containing in their body. Tsubaki reveals he intends to repeat the same process to his remaining servamp siblings to fill the world with djinns and he feels he is getting closer to his goal before turning off the phone as he lost interest.

Capturing The Greed Pair

Tsubaki directly confronts Lawless.

Using a trap, he lures Licht Jekylland Todoroki, the eve of Servamp of Greed, Lawless, to Japan under pretext to hold a piano concert. In reality, Tsubaki plans to defeat Lawless and Licht as he orders many of his subclass to be audience of Licht's concert and then kills them. But things doesn't work the way Tsubaki had planned and instead of Lawless beeing defeated, it's Tsubaki's subclass who were nearly annihilated completely. Deeply shocked and hurt, Tsubaki personally confronts Lawless and captures him, while his strongest subclass, Higan, captures Licht.

Tsubaki approaches Mahiru.

Shortly after Higan captured Licht, Tsubaki calls Higan's cell phone that he had dropped and to his surprise, the one who answered is Misono who picked the cell phone by a chance. Mission reveals that one of his subclass that has survived from Lawless' attack, Lilac, is in their custody, so he demands Tsubaki to trade the Greed pair with Lilac. Tsubaki agrees he won't harm the pair further, but bluffs that he won't let them stay together, convincing Misono and the others that Tsubaki is placing the pair in separate locations beyond the allowed distance between eve and servamp, which will result in Licht's death. Despite agreeing to the trade, Tsubaki visits Mahiru, Misono, and Tetsu to look for his Lilac, but finds that none of them are with Lilac. He then receives call from Misono who tells him the place for the trade, and Tsubaki decides to go alone, assuring his subclass that even if he is being betrayed, he will betray no one.

Tsubaki tries to find Lilac inside the costume.

At the promised place, he is shocked to be confronted by Lawless' subclass who all wears whale costumes and demands Tsubaki to return their servamp and eve. He was thinking of settling things by switching with the keys to Lawless and Licht's rooms and asks where his subclass is. Guilderstern tells him that Lilac is inside one of their costumes as they all attacks him. Tsubaki tries to attack back, but then realises that he will risk injuring his subclass if he attack carelessly and the costumes are thick that it's hard to which costume that holds Lilac. Despite knowing they're buying some times, Tsubaki decides to play along with their plan as long as there's a possibility that his subclass is there.

Tsubaki breaks Lawless' contract item.

While doing so, Tsubaki saw Kuro in his black lion form arriving at the tower with Mahiru. Recognising the black lion as the one that killed his creator hundreds of years before, Tsubaki smiles wickedly. Berkia then sends Servamp of Pride, Old Child, to Tsubaki's location, and succeeded Tsubaki in defeating him. He quickly goes back to the tower, taking Lawless' contract item that Lilac took. He tells Tetsu of Old Child's fate and now plans to do the same to Lawless, slicing Lawless' necklace that causes the djinns the came out from his body.

Tsubaki states that Kuro's regret is too light.

He then confronts Kuro, asks does he now believes his claim to be the eighth servamp and reveals he has been looking for him ever since he first saw him in his black lion form after he killed their creator. Kuro tries to reach Tsubaki by speaking with him, to which Tsubaki points out that he didn't speak properly first with their creator and then killed him just like that, so Kuro should do the same now, something that Kuro replies he will regret if he does. However, Tsubaki dismisses his claim because the burden of his regret is too light. Tsubaki then asks why Kuro killed their creator. When hearing that Kuro killed him because his research is too dangerous, he reveals that C3 are continuing that research. He also laments at the fact that his creator never talks about him at all to his siblings.

Tsubaki dodges Tsurugi's attack.

Before the conversation can go further, C3 magicians Tsurugi Kamiya, Junichiro Kurumamori and Yumikage Tsukimitsu appears and corners Tsubaki with their teamwork. When he is nearly defeated, Kuro prevents Yumikage from shooting him, allowing Tsubaki to inflict injury on Tsurugi. Higan then uses his flames to protect him as the subclass tells Tsubaki to escape with Lilac. Tsubaki protests that there's no way Higan himself and the other subclass can follow him, but Higan simply tells him to go and reminds him of his own words that he won't betray anyone. Reluctantly, Tsubaki escape together with Lilac. A few days after the incident, Tsubaki tells Lilac to tell all of his subclass to forget about him and live freely, and afterwards the rest is his problem alone.

Weapons and Abilities


  • Like the other Servamps, Tsubaki can change between and animal form and his human form at will. His animal form is a black two-tailed fox, he can also speak while in his fox form.

Tsubaki's katana.


  • Tsubaki has been shown to be able to generate a katana sword from his right hand under his yukata. Red camellia flower petals fall down from his yukata sleeve before joining together and becoming a black katana surrounded by red aura. In the anime, he is shown able to produce more than one katana and controls it midair.


  • Strength: 6/10
  • Tactics: 9/10
  • Cooperativeness: 3/10
  • Mental: 6/10
  • Appearance: 9/10
  • Charisma: 9/10



Tsubaki deeply shocked and hurt when he witness Sleepy Ash, in black lion form, killing the creator

Tsubaki seems to have a close relationship with the creator of the Servamps that he refers to as "Sensei".

One night, Tsubaki witnessed Sleepy Ash in his black lion form after he killed their creator, and Tsubaki seemed devastated at his creator's death. Since then, he has been looking for the real identity of the black lion to question why he killed their creator.

Tsubaki is determined to fulfil Sensei's expectation to break the other Servamps and fix their messed up world. It's not yet confirmed if Sensei really requested Tsubaki to do so or not.

Sensei's death resulted in Tsubaki's one-sided hatred against Kuro for killing the creator of the Servamps and not knowing him being his youngest brother like his other siblings.

Tsubaki's Subclass

Tsubaki's subclass

Tsubaki has a lot of Subclass and they are extremely loyal to him. Tsubaki can feel compassion or at least empathy for those in a situation similar to his own, whether they are human or vampire. He even goes so far as saving Sakuya, amongst others, and made them his subclass.

Tsubaki cares greatly for all of his subclass, crying for them when they die. When Lawless killed his subclass, he is deeply shocked and hurt. This also enraged Tsubaki enough to personally capture Lawless after he killed his subclass.

Sleepy Ash

Tsubaki bears one-sided hatred against Kuro for killing the creator of the Servamps and not knowing him being his youngest brother like his other siblings. Tsubaki even went as far as mercilessly attacking him during their first encounter. Tsubaki actually has been looking for Kuro ever since he saw his lion form after he killed their creator, but didn't know it was him until Kuro showed up with that form together with Mahiru to rescue Lawless.

Kuro initially didn't pay much attention towards Tsubaki and didn't really accept him as his youngest brother since he never heard of him. This changed after Tsubaki destroyed Lawless's contract item and revealed that he had witnessed Kuro killing their creator, forcing Kuro to believe that Tsubaki is truly a Servamp. Coming into conclusion that Tsubaki's goal is to get revenge on him and his other siblings due to what happened to their creator, Kuro feels responsible and determined to stop and properly speak with Tsubaki to understand him, not wanting to repeat the same mistake he once done.


Tsubaki dislike due to Lawless killing his subclass. Deeply shocked and hurt, Tsubaki personally capture Lawless and while his strongest subclass, Higan, captures Licht. Tsubaki also destroyed Lawless's contract item, causing a huge amount of Jin to come out from Lawless's body.


  • The kanji character 椿 used for "Tsubaki" is Japanese for "Camellia japonica" or common red/pink camellia.
    • All of Tsubaki's subclass also appear to feature flower themes in their names: Sakuya (Cherryblossom), Otogiri (Hypericum), Lilac (the Lilac flower), Berkia (Hardenbergia), Shamrock (Clovers), & Higan (Red Spider Lily).
  • He can create sunshowers. In Japan sunshowers are called  "Kitsune no yomeiri" or "the kitsune's wedding", which means a fox's wedding ceremony is being held.
  • His favourite food is Inari-Sushi and everything with matcha flavour (Japanese green tea).
  • His favourite drink is canned red-bean soup.
  • He doesn't like his siblings and hearing about other people's dreams.
  • He likes long walks.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • He can hold his liquor well, but will get drunk easily on wine.
  • In drama CDs, Licht takes a liking to Tsubaki's fox form just like he does to Kuro's cat form, fondly referring to him as "Kitsune-san" (Mr. Fox).
  • He is very sensitive about his height.
  • His seiyuu (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) is the lead singer of OLDCODEX, the band who sings the opening theme of the anime, Deal With.
  • In the first popularity poll he came sixth with 1570 votes.
  • His English voice actor is married to Otogiri's English voice actor.
  • His star-sign is Capricorn.
  • He is left-handed (as seen when he wields his katana).
  • Tsubaki wonders if Mahiru will become the key.
  • His username on Servamphoto (a parody of Instagram) is tsubakyun_dayo.