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Tsubaki is the 2nd chapter of the Servamp manga series.


The chapter continues with the battle of Mahiru and Kuro vs the vampire who attacked them. Mahiru learns that Kuro is a servant vampire, or a Servamp. This means that Kuro must be chained to and take orders from him. The vampires thinks that it is disgusting to take orders from a human, but Kuro says that free will is overrated.

Mahiru asks the vampire why he would attack his own kind. The vampire replies that he is here on business. He explains to Mahiru that there are seven Servamps and that he obeys the one who created him, Tsubaki. He also mentions that Tsubaki hates Sloth (Kuro). The vampire then begins attacking them again.

Kuro and Belkia

Kuro fighting Belkia.

Mahiru tells Kuro that they are going to pulverize the vampire. Kuro says that he does not want to fight. The fight escalates as Kuro starts attacking and beating the opposing vampire. The vampire is bleeding, choking, and cannot move. Seeing this, Mahiru begs Kuro to stop fighting. Mahiru takes charge and tugs Kuro's chain away from the vampire. The vampire curses them and then turns into a doll.

Kuro interrogating Belkia

Kuro interrogating the vampire.

Mahiru picks up the doll, wondering what it is and if the vampire is dead. The vampires startles Mahiru, suddenly speaking and telling him that he can't die because he is a vampire. Kuro then asks him why Tsubaki hates Sloth. The vampire says that Kuro should know the answer, but he doesn't. Kuro says that he has never met Tsubaki. The vampire feels bad for Tsubaki, saying that nobody knows him and that Tsubaki wants to kill the whole world just to be somebody.

Kuro's chain suddenly breaks and they are back to normal. Mahiru wonders about Servamps and decides that he needs to find out more.

Concerned Mahiru

Mahiru worried about Ryusei.

Mahiru wakes up in his bed and wonders if what happened was a dream. Mahiru talks to Kuro and realizes that it was not a dream and becomes worried about Ryusei, who was injured.

At school Mahiru runs in looking for Ryusei and shouting his name. He is met with Sakuya, who tries to avoid the question when Mahiru asks where Ryusei is. Koyuki then walks in with Ryusei, who has bandages around his neck and shoulder. Sakuya had been trying to trick Mahiru about Ryusei's condition.

Koyuki tells Mahiru that he texted him about Ryusei's accident. Mahiru becomes confused, saying it wasn't an accident, but that Ryusei was attacked by a vampire. The two don't believe him and Ryusei tells Mahiru that he wasn't there.

Mahirus bag

Kuro and the vampire in Mahiru's bag.

During class Mahiru wonders what is the truth. He thinks that it is too complicated and that he likes simple things. In Mahiru's bag, Kuro in his cat form and the vampire in his doll form start arguing. Mahiru decides to leave the class. He tells the teacher that he is sick and runs out of the building.

Mahiru, unaware that the vampire was in his backpack, asks why he was there. The vampire replies that he is hungry and asks Mahiru for blood. Mahiru then quickly stuffs the vampire back into his bag, because he is embarrassed to be seen talking to a doll in public. The vampire then says he hopes Tsubaki kills Mahiru.

Tsubaki laughing

Tsubaki laughing.

This makes Mahiru wonder who Tsubaki is and asks Kuro if he knows. Kuro says that he does not. Mahiru concludes that Tsubaki is probably the boss, so they should take care of him. Kuro disagrees.

It then begins to rain and someone passes by Mahiru on the street. Everything suddenly turns white around them and someone approaches them. He begins talking to Mahiru and they find out that he is also a vampire. The vampire begins laughing excessively and then flatly states that he is bored.

The vampire then appears to be holding the other vampire, who is still in doll form. He says that he has been looking for him. Mahiru is surprised that he was able to retrieve the doll vampire from him.

This new vampire then introduces himself to Mahiru as Tsubaki. He says that he is here to fight and that he wants to kill vampires and humans. He grabs Kuro and throws him to the ground. Tsubaki asks Kuro if they shall start a war and calls him big brother.

Character Debuts

  • Tsubaki (first actual appearance)


  1. Chapter cover image provided by Hello-vampire-kitty on Tumblr.