Hey there!

I'm Akemi-tama - but please call me Akemi^^. Although my native language is German, I decided to provide this English Servamp wiki with information, because, I thought it's kind of unfair, that the Manga series was not avalible in English - now it is, but I'll still keep on going here, as I'm a Servamp otaku^^.

I got the admin rights in August 2016 and you can ask questions if you like (regarding the wiki content, design but also the anime/manga story if you like^^ - I'll share my opinion ;).

So as we get the manga in German - I'll use that information as well as the news of the latest chapters in Comic GENE to share them with those who don't understand them.

I'm an Admin in the German Servamp Wiki as well - so you may vistit this one too.

Servamp is one of my fafourite manga - but I also like Seraph of the End, Pandora Hearts, Blast of the Tempest, Tales of Symphonia/Tales of Xillia, Full Metal Alchemist, Black Bullet etc.

There are also a lot of Anime I like to watch^^ - And I do like to play Japano-RPGs like the "Tales of" - Series or Trails of Cold Steel (The Legend of Heroes Saga).

You can ask questions in English and German.

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