Weapons 101 is the 8th chapter of the Servamp manga series.


Sakuya announces that he is still bleeding from Mahiru's weapon, and comments that it is pretty brutal. Sakuya asks Mahiru if he could kill him with it. Mahiru is hesitant, not wanting to kill anyone. Sakuya yells to Mahiru to attack him and that he has killing power to spare. Mahiru says that he can't kill Sakuya and that he never wanted this power.


Kuro bites Mahiru.

Inside Kuro, the demon is drowning and is calling out for help. Kuro appears near the demon inside himself and the demon tells Kuro that they are drowning in Mahiru's emotions. The demon tells Kuro that Mahiru's life went to hell ever since he met Kuro. The demon torments Kuro, telling him that he makes one move and the world suffers because of it. Kuro then sinks down and submerges himself in Mahiru's emotions and says that it is such a pain.

Kuro suddenly awakens and bites Mahiru's neck, drinking his blood. Kuro does not appear to have control of his actions as a giant form of the demon awakens from behind Kuro. Everyone looks on, including a shocked Tsubaki.

Mahiru asks Kuro what is going on and tells him to stop. The ground is then enveloped in a quicksand-like substance and Mahiru begins to sink in. Mahiru becomes scared and thinks that he is going to die. Otogiri uses her strings to keep Belkia and Sakuya from sinking in. Sakuya, safe because of this, tells Mahiru to grab onto him so he can rescue him. Mahiru is surprised and Otogiri states that Mahiru is supposed to be his enemy. Reaching out to Mahiru, Sakuya tells him to make Kuro only kill him and that he was lying. Sakuya admits that he did not want to kill Mahiru all along.


Kuro is shot by Jeje.

A gunshot is heard and Kuro is hit with the bullet. The others wonder who shot him and from where. The shooter, Jeje, is shown and with him is another person, who commands him to attack Kuro. Jeje continues to rapidly shoot Kuro. Kuro then transforms into his cat form. This stops the substance from making everyone sink.

Mahiru realizes that Jeje did this to save Kuro. Mahiru then recognizes Jeje as Doubt Doubt, who was at the Servamp meeting.

Sakuya notices that there are now three Servamps and is troubled. Jeje points his gun at Sakuya's head and shoots. Otogiri is able to pull him to the ground with her strings and saves Sakuya. She says that three Servamps are too many to fight and that they should go back.

Sakuya tries to retreat but Mahiru stops him. Mahiru tells him to wait and questions Sakuya's earlier words about truly not wanting to kill Mahiru. Sakuya looks deeply saddened and tosses Mahiru the wristband back. Mahiru catches it.

A car quickly arrives at the scene and Misono's driver, Yully, and Marry get out. They decide to take Misono to the hospital. Lily asks if Mahiru is going to come. Mahiru, who is shaken up, replies that he is fine and that they should concentrate on Misono.

Lily and Misono get in the car and they begin driving to the hospital. The driver says it was a surprise and that he never hears from "him". Lily concludes that because of that someone, this is how the driver knew to come. He says that this certain someone made their first move and that they must be vigilant.


Mikuni accusing Mahiru of looking at Abel lewdly.

Jeje asks Mahiru why he is not going to the hospital. Mahiru replies that Misono got hurt because of him and questions how he could show his face. Jeje's eve, Mikuni, then comes in and tells Mahiru not to blame himself. Mikuni then introduces Jeje as the Servamp of Envy, Doubt Doubt, and himself as his master and a traveling antiques dealer.

Mikuni takes out a doll and introduces it to Mahiru. The doll's name is Abel and Mikuni talks to it and treats it as a real person. He tells Abel that Mahiru is not an enemy and then gets angry at Mahiru and accuses him of staring at Abel in a lewd way. Mahiru is very confused by all this and decides that he has met another weirdo.

Jeje then shoots a hole through Mikuni's hat and asks him if he will keep his promise. Mikuni pretends as if he has not promised Jeje anything and taunts him. Jeje gets furious and starts shooting at Mikuni, who dodges the bullets.

Mikuni picks up Kuro (in his cat form) and gives him to Mahiru. Mikuni tells Mahiru that he is glad he trashed Sakuya and that Sakuya wanted to trash Mahiru. He says that he knows Mahiru didn't plan it and that they were friends.

Mikuni says he will move onto his next lesson: how to break a vampire contract. But first, he tells Mahiru to give him Kuro. Mahiru asks Mikuni who he is. Mikuni replies that he is nobody special and smiles. Mahiru says that he wanted to protect people. Mikuni tells Mahiru that if he doesn't use or want his power, a vampire will eat him alive. Mikuni says he would hate to see that happen, so he will mentor Mahiru.

Misono becomes conscious again in a hospital bed. He calls for Lily. Misono asks where he is and Lily tells him that he was really out of it, but he will be fine. Misono asks Lily how his leg is and Lily tells him that it is attached back on. Misono asks where Mahiru is.

Mahiru is shown laying in bed thinking about what Mikuni said to him. Seeing that this is not Mahiru's usual energetic self, Kuro attempts to cheer him up by suggesting games to play. Mahiru asks Kuro if he is okay and Kuro replies yes, he is a vampire. Mahiru says that he knows he is a vampire, still not looking at him. Kuro asks Mahiru if he is ever sorry he found him. Mahiru tells him to shut up. Kuro walks away thinking that of course Mahiru regrets picking him up. Mahiru, however, thinks that he will never, ever, regret picking up Kuro. Mahiru then contemplates what power is-- a force to help people, or something else.


Toru chases Kuro with a broom.

Kuro, in his human form, is sat eating in from of the tv similar to the day Mahiru met him. The doorbell rings and Mahiru's Uncle Toru comes in. He is surprised to see Kuro and attacks him the same way Mahiru did when they first met asking him who he is and what he is doing there. Mahiru comes out of his room, wondering what all the noise is.

Uncle Toru greets Mahiru and tells him that a burglar is in the house. Mahiru realizes that there is no burglar, only Kuro, who has disappeared. Uncle Toru searches for the culprit while making puns and laughing at his own jokes.

A pile of laundry rustles and Uncle Toru starts rushing toward it. From under it comes out kitty Kuro. Mahiru pretends that he is an ordinary cat and asks his Uncle if they can keep him. Uncle Toru agrees and says he likes Kuro's name because it is simple.

Uncle Toru then asks Mahiru why he is not in school and why he has a bandage on his head. Mahiru hesitates answering, thinking about how he has to lie. Uncle Toru picks up on Mahiru's hesitation and tells Mahiru that its okay and asks if he wants to go out to eat.


Mahiru unexpectedly encounters Tsubaki.

On their way to a sushi restaurant Mahiru begins trying to explain himself. Before he can say anything, Uncle Toru tells Mahiru that he understands and that some things are better left unsaid.

They arrive at the restaurant and have a seat. Mahiru looks at who he is seated next to and realizes that he is sitting right beside Tsubaki. Mahiru is startled with this and Tsubaki is unfazed.

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