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"I'm really starvin' here! And broke!!"

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World End (ワールドエンド Wārudo Endo), also known as Ildio (イルディオ Irudio), is a vampire and one of the eight Servamps. He is the Servamp of Gluttony and the sixth oldest. His Eve is Niccolo Carpediem, the boss of the Carpediem Mafia family.


World End has short white hair and pale skin. He has red eyes and fangs due to being a Servamp. World End has three black, oval shaped markings on the left side of his face and two black angled lines on his chest. They can be seen going from his collar bones down into his pants. As of his most recent appearance he appears to have added to these markings with an intricate black tattoo along the left side of his body, extending from his original three black ovals on his face to just below his chest.

World End's extended tattoo.

World End wears a black cropped shirt with two yellow vertical lines going down it. His pants are yellow to match. He wears a necklace with a fork attached to it around his neck. In the past he wore a black military style jacket with golden detailing along with an open button-up shirt with bandages covering his torso, his hair was also shorter at that time and he did not have his fork necklace yet (possibly indicating it is an item from a recent eve).

He was recently seen wearing a new outfit, consisting of a black hoodie with an exposed chest area along with light colored pants, he no longer appears to be wearing his fork necklace.


Being the Servamp of Gluttony, World End is shown to be very hungry. When shown, he is seen crunching on ice cubes or stating that he is starving. He also mentions that he has no money. World End is very loud and does not care if others are annoyed by this. He can also be quite physical, as seen when he pounces on Kuro and slings an arm around Mahiru.

World End also seems to stand strictly by his beliefs and puts them above the wishes of others. This is shown by him completely disregarding the order from C3 to kill the creator of Servamps and calling it crap. Old Child describes him as emotional for doing this. Despite this, World End does care for others and does his best to try to avoid dark conflict. During the vote, this is proven by how he tries to intervene when Lawless gets physical with Sleepy Ash and holds Lawless back after his fight with Sleepy Ash after the vote.

World End also can't hurt: cute things (babies or animals), children, women, old people, ill/weak people...which shortens the list of people he could actually get physical with. He's bad at admitting his "kind" side - like when he told the others he carried an old lady home on his back, he stated it was only because she was in his way.


Not much is currently known about World End's past . He is the Servamp of Gluttony and the sixth oldest . When all the Servamps gathered to decide if they should kill their creator , World End voted against it, along with Lawless and The Mother.


Meeting about Tsubaki

In chapter 5, World End meets up with Mahiru, Kuro, Lily, Jeje, and The Mother to discuss what to do about Tsubaki. He is one of the first to arrive with Jeje and The Mother.

World End angrily approaches Kuro.

As soon as Sleepy Ash enters, World End abruptly gets up from his seat and calls his name loudly. He runs over to Kuro and says long time no see. World End starts choking Kuro and tells him that he always disappears, so it is time to settle up.

Lily comments that World End was excited to come since Sleepy Ash acquired an eve. As World End continues to bother Kuro, Kuro transforms to his cat form. This makes World End growl and say it's no fair because Kuro turned cute and he can't hurt a kitty. He also mentions that he can't hurt grannies either. As Mahiru gets acquainted with the other Servamps, World End begins crunching on ice and asks who is paying for everything. He states that he is starving and broke.

World End tells Mahiru to gather all seven Servamps.

He and the others continue to get distracted from the meeting's original purpose and talk about other things. As Mahiru starts the meeting and talks about Tsubaki, he says that the people present are the only ones who can stop him. World End grabs Mahiru by the collar and says he gets it and that they are all burned out by this. He tells Mahiru to do something about it if he wants to. He adds that maybe he will even help, but thinks that just Mahiru and Kuro will be enough power as he wraps a shoulder around Mahiru, smothering him a bit. After they all get kicked out of the restaurant, World End encourages Mahiru to take out Tsubaki.


World End, now known as Ildio, accompanies his current Eve, Niccolo Carpediem, to Tetsu's family hot springs in search of the Servamp of Pride, Hugh. Nicco reveals that he wishes to exact revenge upon Pride for apparently luring one of his comrades into a trap and killing them. Unfortunately, Tetsu hasn't seen Hugh for several days, a fact that Nicco can't believe because of the distance limitation between Eve and Servamp. After 24 hours Tetsu should have died of Hugh was too far away, leaving Yumikage to propose three possible reasons for this. First, Hugh is simply hiding nearby within the safe distance limit; second, there is a way to cancel the limitation, or lastly, Tetsu and Hugh never had a true contract to begin with.

Amidst the revelation that Hugh and Tetsu may have never had a true contract, Niccolo reveals that the comrade 'killed' by Pride was in fact Ildio. Hugh had summoned Gluttony under the pretence of needing to rescue Lawless while he was captured by Tsubaki, but instead of finding Hugh he was greeted by Tsubaki. Tsubaki promptly defeated Gluttony, who had failed to take his Eve with him, and the large amount of Djinn seen on that day that everyone had assumed was from Hugh was in fact from the defeated Ildio. Based on what has happened to both Lily and Lawless, it can be inferred that he has lost the majority of his powers and will become weaker over time.

Weapons & Abilities


  • So far, World End has not shown any use of a weapon unlike his siblings (except for Wrath), and instead seems to simply use his supernatural strength (which is tied with appetite for being his strongest parameter, seen below). Based on comments from the Carpediem family members he appears to be somewhat unaware of his own strength, seemingly having accidentally injured Nicco while attempting to help him on more than one occasion.


  • Like the other Servamps he is capable of turning into an animal, a pig, at will. He will revert to his animal form if exposed to sunlight, his animal form has never been directly seen but based on his siblings it is assumed he can still talk while in this form.


  • Physical Strength: 10/10
  • Tactics: 1/10
  • Spirit of Cooperation: 4/10
  • Mental: 7/10
  • Outward Appearance: 3/10
  • Appetite: 10/10


  • "I'm really starvin' here! And broke!!" (Chapter 5).
  • "No problems...Someone will always do what they're gonna do. There's no other way...Time after time...I'm not angry." (Chapter 31).


  • He has no problems with eating ice cubes.
  • He seems to be broke most of the time.
  • In chapter 40 it's revealed, that he spends a lot of time in Italy.
    • This is probably due to his Eve, Niccolo, being Italian and his involvement with the Mafia (stereotypically based in Italy).
  • Lawless nicknamed him "Wor-kun".
  • According to the fan book, his favorite food is meat.
  • According to the fan book, his personal (and best) parameter is "appetite" which is scored with 10 (out of 10) but he also scored 10 with "physical strength". His weakest parameter is "tactics" where he scored 1.
  • His contract item is unknown, but since he was defeated by Tsubaki it can be assumed it was destroyed at the same time he lost his Djinn.