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Yamane (やまね) is the head of the maids in the Alicein household.


Yamane is a very small woman of old age. She wears a typical maid dress and a mob cap on her head through which two big long needles are stuck. She also has short pale brown hair and big round glasses, although she's never actually seen to open her eyes.


She's a very friendly and soft spoken woman. Yamane is also very caring and behaves like a grandmother, especially towards the other maids in the Alicein mansion. Mitsuki even once complained that Yamane is too lax when it comes to the entrance exam of new maids. She often offers tea and makes sure guests feel welcomed, too. However, she can also be quick to react and won't hesitate to threaten others with physical violence. She seems to be very loyal towards the Aliceins overall.


Not much is known about her past, except that she has served the Aliceins for a long time.


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