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Yully (ユリー Yurii) is All of Love's subclass, as well as Marry's twin sister.


Yully is a small, young girl with long pink hair and red eyes. She has the typical child-like features like big eyes, a round face, and a petite figure. Just like her sister, she wears a black alice band on her head. She also wears a long-sleeved white dress with red-pink accents.


Marry and Yully.png

Not much is known about her and Marry's life before they became Lily's subclass. However, in chapter 20, there's a small snippet of her and Marry's past.

They're both laying on the ground next to some trash, covered in dirt, maybe even wounds. This suggests that Marry and Yully were living on the streets, either after being abandoned or after losing their parents at a young age.


Yully in general doesn't seem to show much emotion and she stays quite unemotional in most situations. Despite this, she's seen to show concern for Misono when he got hurt during the fight against Sakuya, Otogiri, and Berkia, and she also gets happy when being able to pet Kuro in his cat form when she meets him. She generally seems to care about her family and the Alicein household.




  • "Mahiru Shirota? All of Love is calling for you." (together with Marry, to Mahiru)


  • She and her sister Marry seem to be fond of Kuro in his cat form.
  • In the German translation, she's called "Julie".
  • Like her sister, her name is often misspelled, and she's received conflicting translations across the different media in the series. Yully is the most recently used romanization by Tanaka Strike.
    • The most common spelling is "Yuri", the literal translation of the katakana used for her name, but "Julie" is also used outside of the official German translation.